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Communist unity

15 Jun 1995

Communist Party Offensive 95

15 Jun 1995

Weapons of class war

08 Jun 1995

On Sunday June 4 at a meeting in London the Communist Party’s 12th Summer Offensive - our annual fund-raising drive - was launched with a speech by John Bridge on Building the revolutionary alternative

Immigration crackdown

01 Jun 1995

Pakistani, Iraqi and Kurdish workers, as well as members of Brent Labour Party and the Revolutionary Communist Party, were among those present at Brent Communist Party’s branch meeting against the government’s immigration crackdown. Below we report extracts from comrade Stan Kelsey’s speech

More unhealthy lies

25 May 1995

Turkish workers give lessons in class pride

18 May 1995

May Day, London 1995: tiny compared to demonstrations in Turkey, despite the strong Communist Party contingent

Steps to rapprochement

18 May 1995

Fighting the trusts in Scotland

18 May 1995

Make sure that healthworkers' enthusiasm and public support are not wasted

Reforging the Party

11 May 1995

Revolutionary greetings

27 Apr 1995

Dundee campaign to save hospital

20 Apr 1995

Manchester against CJA

20 Apr 1995

Quality education for all

13 Apr 1995

Roger Harper, Communist candidate for Hulme in Manchester, demands the education we need

Communists debate with SML

06 Apr 1995

DRI fight hots up

06 Apr 1995

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