Steps to rapprochement

ON SATURDAY May 13 representatives of the Communist Party spoke to a members’ meeting of the Revolutionary Democratic Group on the theme of revolutionary rapprochement and democratic centralism.

Despite limits imposed by a full agenda the discussion was wide ranging and positive. Communist Party comrades outlined the history of the Leninist tendency of the CPGB, current work of the Provisional Central Committee and our consistent commitment to openness and democratic centralism in Party affairs.

The possibility of comrades from the RDG joining the Communist Party as a faction was raised and discussed. RDG comrades responded with questions on the nature of factional life in the Party, the place of programme in our struggle for a reforged CPGB and the constitutional relations between different Party bodies.

However issues could only be aired rather than fully clarified, given the time limits. Nevertheless this was a good beginning to discussions between our organisations. Both ourselves and the RDG are committed to ongoing contact and debate on this vital question for all revolutionaries.

Mark Fischer

Stan Kelsey, on behalf of the CPGB Provisional Central Committee, replies to the Republican Worker Tendency letter printed in the Weekly Worker 92

We are pleased you will be considering the question of regroupment at your aggregate meeting and we hope you and your comrades will decide to take steps towards joining us in the task of reforging the CPGB. In our view the first duty of communists is to organise ourselves, and we regard the reforging of the Communist Party as a matter of urgency, to which every other question must be subordinated.

We are sure there will be differences of opinion, but in our view, as long as they are within the parameters of Marxism, this is natural and healthy in a communist organisation, and must not be used as an obstacle to disciplined communist work.

In reply to your three particular questions:

  1. No, we do not favour the break-up of the British capitalist state, but its overthrow and replacement by a workers’ republic - which would provide the best conditions for the nationalities in Britain to exercise their right to self-determination.
  2. Yes, a programme is essential for a Party, and we plan to publish a draft CPGB programme this year.
  3. Yes, we consider the united front a legitimate tactic in theory and practice.

Lastly, we wish to renew our invitation for the RWT to be represented at our annual school, or for individuals to attend. We regard this as a vital event for the advancement of theoretical clarity and the development of communist cadres. We urge you to give the school priority.