Communist Party Offensive 95

COMRADES from the Party print shop have already raised 73% of their target - an impressive lead for other Party organisations to follow. But the £20,145 we now have pledged still falls short of our £25,000 target. So the print shop comrades need not worry about what they are going to do with the next two weeks!

This Sunday we have a special Summer Offensive meeting when comrades will again be able to raise their targets for a final push. With one last effort we can bridge that gap.

Plans are already being made for an enlarged paper and for our intervention into the general election. Finance is desperately needed to make those plans real. It is still not too late to get involved. Join us - rush cheques and pledges in now.

Celebrate the Summer Offensive on Saturday July 29. Tickets for the meal are £20. Please write or call for more details.

Linda Addison