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Focusing our commitment

13 Jun 2024

As the Tories stumble and tumble, and the country prepares to go to the polls, we discussed both who to support and the prospects for after July 4. If there is going to be a ‘crisis of expectations’, it is likely to be on the left. Ian Spencer reports

Past, present and future

31 Aug 2023

Scott Evans reports on a week of debate, engagement and thinking through the crucial questions of our time

Paradoxes of speech

29 Jun 2023

Left no-platforming plays straight into the hands of the right. The right pretends to champion free speech and in turn no-platforms the left. Gaby Rubin reports on the June 25 CPGB aggregate

Voice of the revolution

16 Mar 2023

This appeal drawn up by comrades in Iran, calling for clear politics, organisation and solidarity, has attracted widespread support

Political perspectives 2023

16 Feb 2023

Introduced, debated, amended and agreed at February 12 annual general meeting of CPGB members

Period of complex contradictions

16 Feb 2023

The trend towards an ever more unstable world continues, with the choice between socialism and barbarism being posed ever more starkly. Scott Evans reports

Social-imperialism is betrayal

02 Feb 2023

Joint statement

Their socialism and ours

19 Jan 2023

James Harvey reports on Winter Communist University 2023

No unity with scabs

15 Dec 2022

There need to be clear lines of demarcation. James Harvey reports on CPGB criticisms of the sort of unity being pursued by comrades in the Netherlands

Strikes on Student Day

08 Dec 2022

The leaking of documents gives us a glimpse of the conflicts within the regime that the protest wave has caused, Yassamine Mather reports

Workers’ mass protests

01 Dec 2022

Yassamine Mather reports on strikes and protests in Iran

Open polemics cauterise

17 Nov 2022

James Harvey reports on plans, problems and the need to openly thrash out principled differences

Something has to give

20 Oct 2022

Mahsa Amini’s killing at the hands of the morality police sparked protests in every province. The young, in particular female students and school students, refuse to be ruled in the old way. However, the Islamic regime seems determined to keep on using mass repression, fear and the cloak of religion, says Yassamine Mather

Uniting a motley band

13 Oct 2022

Andries Stroper reports on the first conference of a new socialist ‘party-in-formation’ and its prospects

Another common sense is possible

06 Oct 2022

Ukraine, Nord Stream, the nuclear war danger, US China strategy, Tory unravelling and a record Labour opinion lead. Gaby Rubin reports

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