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Ideas to transform Labour

10 Mar 2016

William Sarsfield reports on the weekend’s CPGB members’ meeting

Politics and organisation

28 Jan 2016

The CPGB AGM looked back at the past year and forward to our current tasks. Mickey Coulter reports

Combating the right on two fronts

03 Dec 2015

Daniel Harvey reports on the main line of the arguments

Left Unity and its future

22 Oct 2015

October’s aggregate of CPGB members saw discussion on Left Unity’s prospects and the blind alley of left Keynesianism. Micky Coulter reports

Eight days of debate and learning

03 Sep 2015

Comrades attending the CPGB’s Communist University for the first time reflect on their experience

Leadership challenge represents opportunity

25 Jun 2015

The CPGB has reaffirmed its position on Labour and Left Unity, reports Daniel Harvey, and set itself an ambitious fundraising target

Fragility of class politics

21 May 2015

CPGB members have been debating the post-election situation. Peter Manson reports

Framing our electoral tactics

19 Mar 2015

The March 15 CPGB members’ aggregate debated the forthcoming general election and Left Unity’s internal elections. Daniel Harvey reports

Planning our interventions

29 Jan 2015

The CPGB had its first AGM, Daniel Harvey reports

Debating out differences

04 Sep 2014

Danny Hammill overviews the CPGB’s summer school

CPGB aggregate: Arguments strengthened

03 Jul 2014

Micky Coulter reports on an impassioned debate between CPGB members

Dispelling delusions of easy success

05 Jun 2014

Last weekend’s Communist Platform meeting discussed electoral strategy and tactics. Peter Manson reports

From the web team

22 May 2014

The CPGB's techies introduce our paper's new website

CPGB aggregate: Left strategy and election tactics

22 May 2014

Jim Moody reports on discussions at the April 27 aggregate of CPGB members

Weekly Worker: The first one thousand

06 Mar 2014

Editor Peter Manson looks back at the last 21 years and forward to the party we need

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