Dundee campaign to save hospital

ACTION by the Dundee branch of the Communist Party to save the facilities at the Dundee Royal Infirmary continued this week with a letter writing campaign to the local press.

As a result, people have been in touch with branch members from as far away as Forfar to pledge support for the campaign and to ask for copies of the CPGB’s petition.

Marie MacKenzie, the Unison steward at DRI said,

“What we need is a public campaign to save this hospital. The unions in here cannot do it on their own. Your campaign is certainly getting things moving. I will raise your suggestion of a support group at the next branch meeting.”

Mary Ward said, “The next stage is to move the city centre streetwork into the housing estates. We intend to have thousands of signatures to present to Dundee Teaching Hospital Trust at its meeting on May 22. There is no argument for closing this hospital other than cost. It is an exercise which will cost lives”.

The CPGB is taking the lead in this campaign. With massive public support they are forcing the Trust, the unions and the Labour Party to put the item of DRI firmly on Dundee’s political agenda.

Nancy Morelli