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To save the planet, fight for a red world

03 Dec 2009

Capitalism is showing itself to be totally incapable of cutting back on carbon emissions, writes Eddie Ford

No future for London

05 Jul 2018

The third runway is not inevitable. It must be stopped, argues Paul Demarty

Space policy directive 2

31 May 2018

Donald Trump has signed a presidential directive designed to boost US space commerce and fend off any challenge from China. Jack Conrad says the left would be well advised not to welcome the latest promises of getting back to the moon and going on to Mars

Production for production’s sake

23 Nov 2017

Optimism over Bonn and COP23 is misplaced, writes Simon Wells

First Harvey, now Irma

07 Sep 2017

How many times must the American south be flooded before the political class drops its ecological complacency? A few more yet, worries Ira Wiseman

Heritability - biological and social

03 Aug 2017

In the third article of a four-part series Mike Belbin discusses ‘inherent character’. Today this is no longer ascribed as racial, but is put down to a person’s genes

Born loser: is destiny biological?

20 Jul 2017

Did the notion of biological superiority bite the dust following the racism of the Nazis? In this first article in a four-part series, Mike Belbin traces the reformulation of an ancient idea of human character

Fossil fuel era continues

06 Jul 2017

Predictions of an imminent decline of oil are misplaced, argues Jack Conrad. Along with global temperatures, consumption is set to rise

Growth for the sake of growth

08 Jun 2017

US withdrawal from the Paris agreement demonstrates a contempt for the future of the planet. However, Eddie Ford argues that only socialism, not capitalist techno fixes, can prevent ecological degradation

Standing idly by while Britain chokes

11 May 2017

‘Killer air’ represents a public health emergency, writes Eddie Ford, yet the government wants to do as little about it as possible

Karl Marx and ‘eco-Marxism’

30 Mar 2017

The threat of ‘ecocidal capitalism’ is linked to the absence of a class-conscious international proletariat, writes Rex Dunn

Return of the killer air

23 Feb 2017

Tinkering measures cannot halt pollution, writes Arnulf Solberg

Where next for Farage?

22 Sep 2016

It is clear that Ukip has no future beyond that of a protest party, writes Peter Manson

Strong on analysis, but …

22 Sep 2016

Simon Wells reviews: Ian Angus, 'Facing the Anthropocene: fossil capitalism and the crisis of the Earth system', Monthly Review Press, 2016, pp280, £14.40

Time running out fast

08 Sep 2016

Capitalism is a system unfit to cope with the ecological crisis, writes Eddie Ford

Abstraction in style

01 Sep 2016

George Monbiot How did we get into this mess? Politics, equality, nature Verso Books, 2014, pp352, £16.99

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