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To save the planet, fight for a red world

Natalie Bennett’s motley crew

12 Mar 2015

While the Green Party as a whole is not supportable, argues Robert Eagleton, a small number of its candidates may be

Green-tinted glasses

29 Jan 2015

Despite the membership figures and the hype, notes Micky Coulter, the Green Party's increased popularity is not a sign of good times to come for socialists

Business as usual

22 Jan 2015

Catastrophic climate change is very unlikely to be averted under capitalist conditions, says Simon Wells

Ebola: Crisis of infrastructure

23 Oct 2014

Ahmad Ebrahimi examines the root cause of the Ebola epidemic

Threat of social breakdown

16 Oct 2014

The Ebola outbreak in west Africa is a product of structural poverty and politics, argues Simon Wells

Storms, floods and a deluge of crap

13 Feb 2014

Natural flood management is part of the solution, not dredging. But if we seriously want to preserve and restore nature, argues Eddie Ford, then we need to challenge capitalism

Climate change: Overcoming the division

06 Feb 2014

Robert Eagleton offers his comments on the floods that have hit south-west England

Animal liberation and Marxism

23 Jan 2014

Maciej Zurowski attended the weekend school of the Assoziation Dämmerung in Hamburg and spoke to Susann Witt-Stahl, Christian Wittgen and Christin Bernhold

Environment: The problem is capitalism

03 Oct 2013

Capitalism is driving the climate change crisis and cannot solve it, says Simon Wells

Technology: Stop worshipping false idols

12 Sep 2013

At Communist University 2012 Gabriel Levy took the 20th century left to task for indentifying technical progress with social progress

We’re all Luddites now

12 Sep 2013

Gabriel Levy spoke about technology and socialism at Communist University 2013. The left has tended to worship productionism and therefore dismiss the rich tradition represented by Luddism

Climate change: Entering the danger zone

16 May 2013

Capitalism’s growth for growth’s sake is putting humanity at grave risk, argues Eddie Ford

Coal and energy: Walking away from CO2 commitment

31 Jan 2013

David Douglass finds government policy absurd, but not surprising

Natural limits, sustainability and socialism

20 Sep 2012

Eco-socialists say we must urgently replace capitalism to prevent climate-change disaster. But, argues Gabriel Levy, fear is no way to build a movement for socialism. This is an edited version of the second part of his talk at the CPGB’s Communist University11

The trouble with economic growth

13 Sep 2012

Gabriel Levy calls for a rethink on scarcity and abundance. This is an edited version of the first part of the talk he gave to Communist University 2012

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