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To save the planet, fight for a red world

03 Dec 2009

Capitalism is showing itself to be totally incapable of cutting back on carbon emissions, writes Eddie Ford

We’re all Luddites now

12 Sep 2013

Gabriel Levy spoke about technology and socialism at Communist University 2013. The left has tended to worship productionism and therefore dismiss the rich tradition represented by Luddism

Climate change: Entering the danger zone

16 May 2013

Capitalism’s growth for growth’s sake is putting humanity at grave risk, argues Eddie Ford

Coal and energy: Walking away from CO2 commitment

31 Jan 2013

David Douglass finds government policy absurd, but not surprising

Natural limits, sustainability and socialism

20 Sep 2012

Eco-socialists say we must urgently replace capitalism to prevent climate-change disaster. But, argues Gabriel Levy, fear is no way to build a movement for socialism. This is an edited version of the second part of his talk at the CPGB’s Communist University11

The trouble with economic growth

13 Sep 2012

Gabriel Levy calls for a rethink on scarcity and abundance. This is an edited version of the first part of the talk he gave to Communist University 2012

Contours of green thought

29 Jun 2012

Greenism is hobbled by two fundamental faults. It cannot tame capitalism, nor does it offer a realistic way of superseding capitalism. Jack Conrad explores its limitations

Nothing to contribute

01 Dec 2011

The Durban conference on climate change is likely to be even more useless than its predecessors - James Turley argues it is time to serve notice on capital's stewardship of the environment

No more Fukushimas

24 Mar 2011

Technology is not socially neutral, declares James Turley

Not in capital's interest

13 Jan 2011

Knowing the price of every commodity without knowing the worth of life's essentials is the essence of capitalism, writes Jim Moody

M-theory and god

07 Oct 2010

Anthony Rose reviews Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow's 'The Grand Design' Bantam Press 2010, pp208, £18.99 hbk

Workers' solidarity with disaster victims

09 Sep 2010

The floods in Pakistan have exposed once more colonialism's legacy of underdevelopment and social instability, writes Jim Gilbert

Not so green shoots

02 Sep 2010

Capitalism will survive until it is consciously overthrown, writes James Turley

Marxism, nature, and proposition one

08 Jul 2010

Why is the SWP commitment to ecological thinking doubted? Jack Conrad looks at the 'What the Socialist Workers Party stands for' column which appears every week in Socialist Worker

Endlessly plundering the Earth

01 Jul 2010

Fighting for a sustainable planet requires fighting for anti-capitalist revolution, argues Eddie Ford

Fighting for the planet

17 Jun 2010

There are no technological solutions to environmental destruction under capitalism, argues Eddie Ford

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