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The long view

29 Mar 2012

Communists must be patient, writes Paul Demarty, avoiding the twins of opportunism and adventurism

Socialist Party in England and Wales

23 Nov 2000

Rebel signal This protest letter has been sent to the Socialist Party executive committee and, as a courtesy, to Harry Paterson, who emailed it to the Weekly Worker

Expelled for speaking out

16 Nov 2000

Harry Paterson, a long-standing member of the Socialist Party/Militant, has had his appeal against expulsion turned down. He spoke to Peter Manson of the Weekly Worker

For democratic centralism

23 Mar 2000

Harry Paterson, member of Peter Taaffe's Socialist Party in England and Wales, calls for real democracy and revolutionary centralism

SWP conference

04 Nov 1999

Here we reprint short extracts from the first two of the SWP’s Pre-conference discussion bulletin. We have chosen the most interesting, or more accurately, the least dull, passages.


16 Sep 1999

Minority rights and the CPGB

29 Apr 1999

Democratic centralism

Left in crisis

12 Nov 1998

Party notes

The Party ‘line’

03 Sep 1998

Party notes

Perspectives ’99

27 Aug 1998

Party notes

SWP in practice

30 Jul 1998

Taking sides

30 Jul 1998

Party notes

RCP’s designer liquidationism

05 Mar 1998

Admission of failure

05 Mar 1998

Around the left

Thesis on factions

29 Jan 1998

Agreed by the CPGB (PCC) and RDG (OC)


27 Nov 1997

Party notes

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