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Overturn party ban

12 Nov 2003

The participation of political parties has become one of the most controversial issues within the ESF, says Tina Becker

Party notes: Democratic centralism unites and directs

21 Aug 2003

Jack Conrad continues the debate on revolutionary organisation following discussion at the CPGB's Communist University

For genuine democratic centralism

11 Jul 2002

"Through the fullest, most open debate we seek to achieve unity in action and a common world outlook." This statement appears in the third paragraph of the revised 'What we fight for' column. John Pearson disagrees with the party majority.

Programme and party

07 Feb 2002

The SWP's main problem is that it is "not big enough", says Paul Foot. Size isn't everything, reckons Mark Fischer

For a paper and partyism

29 Nov 2001

Communists has always argued that within the Socialist Alliance there lies a compelling logic towards the formation of a party.

Socialist Party

25 Jan 2001

'Damaged' by principled criticism As previously reported, long-standing Socialist Party member Harry Paterson lost his appeal against expulsion (see Weekly Worker November 16). The SP's appeals board has finally produced this report of its November 11 hearing

Socialist Party in England and Wales

23 Nov 2000

Rebel signal This protest letter has been sent to the Socialist Party executive committee and, as a courtesy, to Harry Paterson, who emailed it to the Weekly Worker

Expelled for speaking out

16 Nov 2000

Harry Paterson, a long-standing member of the Socialist Party/Militant, has had his appeal against expulsion turned down. He spoke to Peter Manson of the Weekly Worker

For democratic centralism

23 Mar 2000

Harry Paterson, member of Peter Taaffe's Socialist Party in England and Wales, calls for real democracy and revolutionary centralism