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The long view

29 Mar 2012

Communists must be patient, writes Paul Demarty, avoiding the twins of opportunism and adventurism

OP still talking

05 Dec 1996

After last Sunday’s conference the search for organisational forms which avoid the discipline of democratic centralism goes on

SUPPLEMENT: Advance from vanguardism

28 Nov 1996

On April 30 members of Open Polemic ended their membership of the CPGB. Here we print their reply to criticism of that decision published in Weekly Worker (May 9 1996). Below Mark Fischer replies and we print three documents submitted to the OP conference on December 1 from CPGB comrades

Open struggle for the future

14 Nov 1996

Last weekend a special meeting organised by the Communist Party discussed the lessons of Bolshevik organisation for communists today

ISG collapse

26 Sep 1996

Party notes

Anatomy of Militant Labour

29 Aug 1996

Defend Bob Davies

01 Aug 1996

SL Kenning looks at the latest developments in the Socialist Labour Party

A tale of two leaflets

18 Jul 1996

SL Kenning looks at the latest developments in the Socialist Labour Party

Marxism, passivity and the SWP

18 Jul 1996

Manchester witch-hunt

04 Jul 1996

Steve Smethurst has been bureaucratically excluded from membership of the Socialist Labour Party. The chair of his branch preferred to close down an SLP meeting rather than allow the membership to discuss the question. We reprint below the text of his letter to Manchester members

OP and rapprochement

13 Jun 1996

Since publishing the correspondence around the decision of Open Polemic comrades to withdraw from membership of the CPGB (see Weekly Worker May 19), we have heard little from them. All those involved in the rapprochement process, not least our own members, have been disturbed by this development, since no one has had the opportunity to discuss their actions with them. Whilst welcoming the proposals for discussions with the PCC, we would urge the comrades to open the discussion to all those who are for communist unity. We invite them again to make use of the paper and CPGB seminars.

Old or new, anti-communism remains anti-communism

13 Jun 1996

Why did Arthur Scargill write and impose the constitution he did? It owes everything to MacDonald and nothing to Marx

The common theoretical programme

23 May 1996

Dave Craig of the RDG replies to Open Polemic

Why work did not begin

16 May 1996

From the British Worker, official strike bulletin of the TUC, May 13 1926

SLP clique ignores members

25 Apr 1996

Incoherent rant?

25 Apr 1996

Communist press

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