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Spirit of common struggle

14 Jun 2018

Terry Tapp A serf’s journal Zero Books, 2017, pp144, £9.99

From the mouths of the women

29 Mar 2018

Rex Dunn reviews Svetlana Alexievich The unwomanly face of war Penguin Classics, 2017, pp351, £12.99

Truth in fiction

29 Mar 2018

Dave Douglass reviews Aly Renwick Gangrene Merlin Press, 2017, pp256, £9.99

Capitalist hell

23 Nov 2017

Mike Macnair reviews: William Clare Roberts, Marx’s inferno: the political theory of capital, Princeton 2017, pp282, £21.40

The negative-sum internet

26 Oct 2017

Paul Demarty reviews: Angela Nagle, Kill all normies: the online culture wars from Tumblr and 4chan to the alt-right and Trump, Zero Books, 2017, pp120, £9.99

Giving 1917 real meaning

31 Aug 2017

Chris Gray reviews: China Miéville, October: the story of the Russian Revolution, Verso, 2017, pp369, £18.99

What Zionists want suppressed

03 Aug 2017

Tony Greenstein reviews: Thomas Suarez, State of terror - how terrorism created modern Israel, Skyscraper Publications, 2016, pp418, £20

Record of resistance

03 Aug 2017

Christina Black went to see: Soul of a nation - art in the age of black power Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1. Ends October 22

Criminal law and class society

20 Jul 2017

Mike Macnair reviews: Robert Reiner Crime: the mystery of the common-sense concept Polity, 2016, pp246, £15.99

Witnesses of the revolution

22 Jun 2017

Rex Dunn reviews: David E Lowes (editor), 'Bessie Beatty on revolutionary Russia', Red Revenant, 2017, £6.99, pp256 and, David E Lowes (editor), 'Arthur Ransome Three accounts of Revolutionary Russia Red Revenant', 2017, £6.90, pp212

How about thinking like a Marxist?

22 Jun 2017

Chris Gray reviews: Kate Raworth Doughnut economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist Random House Business Books, 2017, pp384, £20

Collaboration that haunts Zionism

01 Jun 2017

Tony Greenstein reviews: Paul Bogdanor, 'Kasztner’s crimes', Routledge, 2016, pp335, £61.59

The music inside ourselves

25 May 2017

Max Grierson reviews: Julian Barnes, 'The noise of time' Vintage, 2016, pp192, £7.99

Alienation and augmented humanity

11 May 2017

Mike Belbin reviews: 'Ghost in the Shell' Rupert Sanders (director), general release

What kind of education?

04 May 2017

Mike Macnair reviews: Paul Auerbach, 'Socialist optimism: an alternative political economy for the 21st century', Palgrave Macmillan 2016, pp522, £26.99

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