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Positive and negative

10 Sep 2020

Daniel Lazare reviews Christian Parenti's "Radical Hamilton: economic lessons from a misunderstood founder"

Defeat of syndicalism

10 Sep 2020

David Douglass reviews Ian Wright's "God’s beautiful sunshine: the 1921 miners’ lockout in the Forest of Dean"

Wrongly overlooked thinker

23 Jul 2020

David Broder reviews Pietro Basso's 'The science and passion of communism: selected writings of Amadeo Bordiga (1912-1965)'

Contradictions of Zionism

09 Jul 2020

Tony Greenstein reviews Daphna Levit's 'Wrestling with Zionism: Jewish voices of dissent'

What about the root causes?

04 Jun 2020

Rutger Bregman Humankind: a hopeful history Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020, pp496, £20

Rubbish tip of a world

29 Feb 2020

Bong Joon-ho (director) 'Parasite' 2019, general release.

Zionism and anti-Semitism

23 Feb 2020

Stanley Heller 'Zionist betrayal of Jews, from Herzl to Netanyahu' self-published, 2019, pp147. Available from Middle East Crisis Committee, Box 3626, Woodbridge CT, 06525, USA, for a donation of $10 or more.

Democracy and republic

13 Feb 2020

Ben Lewis (editor and translator) "Karl Kautsky on democracy and republicanism" Historical Materialism series No196, Brill, 2020, £121, pp352.

Proud Trotskyists

31 Jan 2020

Sylvia Riley "Winter at the bookshop, politics and poverty: St Ann’s in the 1960s" Five Leaves Publications, 2019, pp147, £7.99.

Land and the rentier economy

19 Dec 2019

Brett Christophers The new enclosure: the appropriation of public land in neoliberal Britain Verso 2018, pp384, £20

Problematic Tory assumptions

31 Oct 2019

Jonathan Sumption 'Trials of the state: law and the decline of politics' Profile Books, 2019, pp112; £9.99

Book they want to ban

31 Oct 2019

Greg Philo, Mike Berry, Justin Schlosberg, Anthony Lerman, David Miller 'Bad news for Labour: anti-Semitism, the party and public belief' Pluto Press, 2019, pp288, £14.99

Future and present

24 Oct 2019

John Lanchester 'The wall' Faber and Faber, 2019, pp288, £14.99. Bernardino Evaristo 'Girl, woman, other' Hamish Hamilton, 2019, pp464, £16.99.

Direct vs representative democracy

12 Sep 2019

Raquel Varela: A people’s history of the Portuguese Revolution. Pluto Press, 2019, pp352, £19.99.

Competition and cooperation

06 Dec 2018

Review of 'Elinor Ostrom’s rules for radicals' by Derek Wall, Pluto Press, 2017, pp160, £16.99

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