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Consistent, realistic, verifiable

28 Apr 2016

Michael Roberts reviews: Fred Moseley, 'Money and totality', Brill, 2016, pp436, £102

Saint of mediocrity

14 Apr 2016

Karl Ove Knausgaard, A man in love, Vintage Books, 2014, pp664, £8.99

Commodification and conditioning

07 Apr 2016

Adam Unwin and John Yandell 'Rethinking education: whose knowledge is it anyway?', New Internationalist, 2016, pp143, £7.99

What will be will be

10 Mar 2016

Michel Houellebecq, Submission, (Translated from the French by Lorin Stein) William Heinemann, 2015, pp256, £18.99

Last hurrah of a psychopath

03 Mar 2016

Toni Negri, 'Storia di un comunista', Milan, 2015, pp608, €18, reviewed by Toby Abse

Review: Just a writer of women’s fiction?

18 Feb 2016

Rex Dunn reviews Rachel Cusk,'Outline', Vintage, 2014, pp249, £8.99

Passion for change

16 Dec 1999

John Walsh reviews 'All power to the imagination' by Dave Douglass

Change and flux

16 Dec 1999

Danny Hammill reviews 'Almost like a whale: The origin of species updated' by Steve Jones

Caste of millions

03 Dec 1998

Steven Spielberg Antz general release

Redrawing boundaries

02 Apr 1998

Phil Watson reviews 'For Marx' by Louis Althusser

History lessons

05 Feb 1998

Anna Weber reviews‘Crimes and mercies - The fate of German civilians under Allied occupation, 1944 -1950’ by James Baque

The universe demystified

22 Jan 1998

Danny Hammill reviews Denis Brian's ‘Einstein: a life’

Frustration and disgust

08 Jan 1998

Mary Ward reviews ‘Drugs and the party line’ by Kevin Williamson

Smug complacency

08 Jan 1998

Alan Fox reviews ‘Onward Christian soldiers?’ by Clyde Wilcox

Cliffism against Cliff

21 Aug 1997

Ian Mahoney reviews ‘More years for the locust: the origins of the Socialist Workers Party’ by Jim Higgins

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