The squeeze

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive

We reported in last week’s paper our encouraging start to the 2022 Summer Offensive, the annual fundraising drive of the CPGB. This year, we were quick out of the blocks with a mixture of pledges (at our June 19 aggregate), £655 in hard cash from CPGBers the next day and £192 from street work.

The assembled £847 was satisfying, but nobody should put their feet up and start flicking the channels. We have set ourselves a minimum target of £30,000 to be secured by the last day of our Communist University (August 20). That challenging figure has not been simply plucked out of the ether. It is the realistic minimum we need to keep an organisation like ours fit for purpose. Go beyond that minimum and we can think more ambitiously!

Of course, given the proletarian nature of our audience - as with the rest of the revolutionary left, of course - the vast bulk of this income will come from working class bank accounts. This will be a squeeze; but then, both history and the state of today’s world show us that the alternative is barbarism.

Many thanks to comrade MM for his magnificent £500; also, the doughty comrades that distributed the Weekly Worker and other materials on the recent TUC protest in London; also JM for his £70, JT’s £50, and DG, who gave £20 to the fight! All received from comrades with thanks and solidarity.

We are now well past the first £1,000. On to the next £29,000, comrades!

Linda Carr