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A rapidly sinking ship

10 Feb 2022

Clive Dean, of Labour Party Marxists, reports on an organisation in sharp decline, politically at sea and now lacking any strategic perspective

Instrument providing direction

03 Feb 2022

There has been a much publicised inner-party struggle. Andries Stroper reports on the launch of the new draft programme of the Communist Platform in the Netherlands

Six sessions of the best

13 Jan 2022

Ollie Hughes and James Harvey report on Winter Communist University 2022, where discussions ranged far and wide

Commemoration message

16 Dec 2021

As read out at the December 11 online meeting to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of an exiled Turkish revolutionary leader

Sabotage, scientists, sanctions

09 Dec 2021

Soheil Behrang reports that amid the P5+1 negotiations in Vienna, Mossad is playing a dangerous game

Why we resigned

02 Dec 2021

Not unity but division: joint statement by four former members of LAW’s steering committee

Stay and fight and fight again

02 Dec 2021

A call that went unheeded: opening remarks by Graham Bash to LAW’s final all-members meeting

Merging into a cul-de-sac

02 Dec 2021

Derek James of Labour Party Marxists argues that this is no time to give up on the fight against the witch-hunt. Nor will the attempt to form an amorphous socialist movement get anywhere

Amending our programme

25 Nov 2021

Paul Drummond reports on last week’s meeting of CPGB members, LPM supporters and invited guests

Sit down and plan it

11 Nov 2021

School students and young women have been in the forefront. Tam Dean Burn reports from the Glasgow marches and meetings

Totally in control

11 Nov 2021

The central committee is looking forward to yet another conference without a peep of opposition from the rank and file. Peter Manson reports on the first of three internal bulletins

Feeding the revolving door

04 Nov 2021

Andrew Byrne, Gerald Wiley and Derek James report on an all too carefully choreographed event staged by the Socialist Appeal comrades

It will not fall from the sky

04 Nov 2021

Donald Parkinson of the Marxist Unity Slate looks at the 2021 convention of the Democratic Socialists of America and maps out a path beyond the current strategic impasse

Unity without principle

21 Oct 2021

It does not look like the Resist Movement has much of a future. Anti-sectarianism is a good thing, but not if it means fudging, refusing to take a stand and disparaging sharp argument. Gerald Wiley reports

Honouring the victims

14 Oct 2021

On October 9 a group of Iranian revolutionaries, now mainly based in North America and Europe, organised an online meeting to commemorate the 1988 massacre of political prisoners. Among the speakers were Yassamine Mather, Shahin Chitsaz and Mike Macnair

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