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Meat cleaver

28 Feb 2008

Esen Uslu responds to Phil Kent's criticisms

Not privileged nor persecuted

14 Feb 2008

Jim Moody examines the impact of Rowan Williams's words in a Britain that is far from secular, at least in terms of its constitution

Uses and abuses of Jesus

20 Dec 2007

Even in the 21st century Jesus is still a much prized figure. In this the second chapter of his new book Jack Conrad shows how Jesus has been used and abused by almost every political persuasion

The sigh of the oppressed

01 Feb 2007

Gerry Downing looks at the origins of monotheism and assesses the attitude of communists towards believers

Fantastic reality - Marxism and the politics of religion

14 Dec 2006

Religion is back with a vengeance. George Bush and the US christian right, holy Tony Blair and Britain's islamophobia, Russia's reinstalled orthodox church and India's saffron communalism, the toxic evangelicalism sweeping Africa and Latin America, Saudi Arabia's puritanical wahhabism and al Qa'eda's terrorism of spectacle, the Iranian theocracy and everywhere, it seems, the escape into the trench warfare of religious identity. But what is religion? In this extract from the introduction to his new book, Jack Conrad shows that the answer is not as straightforward as it might first appear

Holy diplomacy amid coup rumours

07 Dec 2006

The pope's visit has laid bare the deep divisions in Turkish society. Esen Uslu of the Communist Party of Turkey reports

No bans on christian fundamentalists

23 Nov 2006

James Turley reports on the bureaucratic attempt to ban Exeter university's christian student society

Secular schools, not religious indoctrination

02 Nov 2006

Communists fight for the equality of believers and non-believers, says Jim Moody

Benedict XVI and the struggle for Europe

21 Sep 2006

There is more to the pope's Regensburg speech than a crude attack on islam. Jack Conrad investigates

Faith schools too hot for SWP

12 Jan 2006

The left must takes this issue seriously, says Michelle Euston. After all, faith schools are envisaged in the government's white paper on education as a wedge to break up comprehensive education system

Domination theology

12 Jan 2006

Paul Greenaway reviews Richard Dawkins's The root of all evil? (Channel 4, Monday January 9 and 16, 8pm)

Say no to faith schools

01 Dec 2005

Michelle Euston disagrees with Socialist Resistance's takes on faith schools and says that Marxists must take a stand on the issue

Why did they do it?

28 Jul 2005

Eddie Ford examines the motivation of the London bombers - who were neither simply 'mad' or 'evil', nor can the war on Iraq explain their actions

In their own words

22 Jan 2004

Doaa Al-Rani (19) took a leading role in the protests. Though not an MAB member, she led the chanting, rallying a group of women around her

Hijab: the protests ...

22 Jan 2004

Though we are critical, the OFWI still deserves the support of all socialists for its political opposition to the oppression of women through the imposition of sharia law in Iraq, says Manny Neira