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What kind of programme?

22 Feb 2007

Mary Godwin reports from the second London meeting of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, held on Sunday February 18

One step forward, no steps back

15 Feb 2007

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group outlines his theory of 'democratic permanent revolution'

The April theses and permanent revolution

11 Jan 2007

The CPGB's 'extreme democracy' presupposes economic inequality, argues Gerry Downing

The test of 1917

04 Jan 2007

Did events force Lenin to jettison his 'democratic dictatorship of the proletariat and peasantry' formulation after the fall of tsarism? Or was this formulation concretised in the republic of workers', peasants' and soldiers' soviets? Jack Conrad continues his study of the communist programme

Permanent revolution and state power

07 Dec 2006

As Jack Conrad shows, the Marx-Engels theory of permanent revolution does not preclude the workers' party participating in government

The transition to socialism

30 Nov 2006

Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, examines some of the central elements of Marx's theory about the future society

Trotskyite economism?

30 Nov 2006

Leon Trotsky's Transitional programme is based on the communist method of Lenin and the Russian Bolsheviks, writes Gerry Downing

Programming the Russian revolution

30 Nov 2006

Like German social democracy, Bolshevism had a minimum-maximum party programme. It was their DNA. But, asks Jack Conrad, was their programme irretrievably flawed, as argued by Tony Cliff and the SWP?

A vital task

23 Nov 2006

After the launch of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, and the CPGB decision to redraft its Draft programme, Nick Rogers identifies possible weaknesses in the current version

Our republic

23 Nov 2006

For too long the left has dismissed minimum-maximum programmes. Jack Conrad argues that as well as shortcomings, gaps and faults there is much that can positively be learnt from them

Difficult but refreshing alternative

23 Nov 2006

Joe Craig of the Irish group, Socialist Democracy, welcomes the formation of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, but wonders whether he might have misunderstood the politics of the CPGB

Programmatic masks and transitional fleas

16 Nov 2006

Is Leon Trotsky's Transitional programme the last word when it comes to the Marxist programme? Or does it represent regression in Marxist terms? Jack Conrad argues against Trotskyite economism

Desperate evasion and sectarianism

09 Nov 2006

A 'republican socialist party' in Britain that eschews Marxism must be a concession to nationalism. Mike Macnair responds to Dave Craig

Programme and its structure

09 Nov 2006

Why do communists give their programme such importance and go to such pains to develop, guard and enrich it? Jack Conrad begins a short series by examining the background to the CPGB's Draft programme

Republican democracy and revolutionary patience

15 Jun 2006

Mike Macnair concludes his series on communist strategy by throwing down the challenge to the existing left