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Programmatic masks and transitional fleas

16 Nov 2006

Is Leon Trotsky's Transitional programme the last word when it comes to the Marxist programme? Or does it represent regression in Marxist terms? Jack Conrad argues against Trotskyite economism

Desperate evasion and sectarianism

09 Nov 2006

A 'republican socialist party' in Britain that eschews Marxism must be a concession to nationalism. Mike Macnair responds to Dave Craig

Programme and its structure

09 Nov 2006

Why do communists give their programme such importance and go to such pains to develop, guard and enrich it? Jack Conrad begins a short series by examining the background to the CPGB's Draft programme

Republican democracy and revolutionary patience

15 Jun 2006

Mike Macnair concludes his series on communist strategy by throwing down the challenge to the existing left

Off the rails

01 Jun 2006

The launch of the Euston Manifesto on May 25 in London's Union Chapel showed that this 'initiative' - which has attracted a large amount of media attention - is totally bereft of vision, repeats all the standard CIA tropes about terrorism and, more than that, fears open debate

'Reformism from above'?

20 Apr 2006

Anne Mc Shane compares Respect's election materials to Socialist Worker's 'What the Socialist Workers Party stands for' column

'Reformism from above'?

13 Apr 2006

Anne Mc Shane compares Respect's election materials to Socialist Worker's 'What the Socialist Workers Party stands for' column

What kind of new workers' party?

06 Apr 2006

The question of a new party is appearing on the agenda of the workers' movement over and over again. But few are fighting for one based on a Marxist programme - including most of the Marxists, paradoxically. Nick Rogers gives an overview of this crucial debate

Reform coalition, or mass strike?

30 Mar 2006

In the third article in this series, Mike Macnair examines the basis of two contending strategies for working class advance

Fight for a Marxist party

09 Mar 2006

The Socialist Party's campaign for a new workers' party must be put on firm Marxist foundations, says Ian Mahoney

Charter of platitudes

09 Mar 2006

The Friday before the EPA saw meetings of the 10 or so ESF networks. Potentially the most important is the one that is has been drafting the 'Charter of principles for another Europe'

Britain's drystone wall

02 Mar 2006

Can the British constitution be reformed? Not without mass political action by the working class, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

A world to save! A world to win!

01 Dec 2005

Jack Conrad looks at climate change and the programme that communists should advance

The modern Janus

17 Nov 2005

Respect purports to have something for everyone. In terms of programme, argues Jack Conrad, that means the attempt face two ways at the same time

Communists tell it as it is

10 Nov 2005

We fight not for some halfway house, for diplomatic peace or for a federal non-aggression pact, writes Ian Mahoney. We fight for principled unity