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Modest expectations

16 Oct 2014

Mark Fischer is impressed by a more sober and realistic attitude on the part of leading members

Violence and the miners

16 Oct 2014

Another Leninist reprint - with salutary lessons for some in Left Unity today, says Mark Fischer

No clean hands

02 Oct 2014

Some are gunning for principal speaker Bianca Todd. Paul Demarty wonders what exactly they hope to achieve

Heart on his sleeve

25 Sep 2014

Steve Wallis, 1966-2014

Preparing for 2015

25 Sep 2014

The LU national council agreed that there should be no electoral coalition with Tusc. NC member and Communist Platform supporter Yassamine Mather reports

Transparency is a principle

25 Sep 2014

Demanding ‘confidentiality’ when it comes to internal disputes makes us look like a combination of Little Stalins and the Life of Brian, argues Mike Macnair

The Bolsheviks’ success and the ‘revolutionary’ fear of electoralism

24 Jul 2014

Mike Macnair reviews two books by August Nimtz in the context of the left's fear of politics

Bolshevism was not a safe space for opportunism

03 Jul 2014

Political differences need to be expressed in honest, frank and where necessary colourful language. Mark Fischer argues that the past has many important lessons for Left Unity

Confidentiality is a bosses’ tool

26 Jun 2014

Left Unity should not deal with internal disputes through setting up secret trials, argues Paul Demarty

‘Speaking bitterness’ and Left Unity

19 Jun 2014

The precursor of ‘safe spaces’ was unsuccessful and destructive in past movements of the oppressed, writes Mike Macnair

Left Unity: A matter of political health

19 Jun 2014

Unity requires freedom to criticise, argues Paul Demarty

Left Unity: Freedom to criticise must be defended

19 Jun 2014

Laurie McCauley reports on his suspension from Manchester branch

Free speech: The permitted shades of grey

19 Jun 2014

Karl Marx stood for free speech, in the tradition of the first amendment to the US constitution, writes Eddie Ford

Leadership meets at last

12 Jun 2014

Yassamine Mather reports on the first meeting of the LU national council

Dispelling delusions of easy success

05 Jun 2014

Last weekend’s Communist Platform meeting discussed electoral strategy and tactics. Peter Manson reports

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