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Going into survival mode

10 Sep 2015

The weekend’s national council meeting failed to respond to the Corbyn challenge. Sarah McDonald reports

New generation of debate

03 Sep 2015

Last week Left Unity’s youth caucus has held its first day school. Daniel Harvey reports

Doing things differently or same old?

03 Sep 2015

Mike Macnair outlines the Communist Platform’s opposition to both word limits for motions and to a branch ballot to determine which should be prioritised at conference

Youth and students conference

13 Aug 2015

Callum Williamson reports on the progress of the Left Unity Youth and Student Caucus

A constitution fit for purpose

13 Aug 2015

The Communist Platform has agreed to submit an alternative constitution for Left Unity at the November 21-22 national conference, when a whole day has been put aside to discuss the question. The current constitution, widely regarded as being unfit for purpose, stretches to 6,000 words and the CP is proposing it should be replaced by this much shorter and more concise document

Prioritise principle

06 Aug 2015

National council member Sarah McDonald points to two major problems concerning the November conference

Sectarian anti-sectarianism

23 Jul 2015

The fallout from Greece and an attempt to boot out Workers Power have aroused passions in Yorkshire Left Unity. Mickey Coulter and Tina Becker report

Teesside established

23 Jul 2015

Steve Devey reports on the launch of a new branch in the north-east

Positive thinking on Labour

18 Jun 2015

LU’s national council saw some mixed outcomes. Sarah McDonald reports

Heat, light and confusion

11 Jun 2015

Sheffield LU comrades have been debating with Tusc. Mickey Coulter reports

Standing in London’s elections

11 Jun 2015

Left Unity has been discussing and voting on its approach to the 2016 GLA and mayoral contests. Daniel Harvey reports

Stand under our own banner

04 Jun 2015

LU ought to contest the GLA elections, urges Sarah McDonald - including standing a mayoral candidate

A year in limbo

21 May 2015

On June 11 2014 Laurie McCauley was suspended from Manchester Left Unity for publicly criticising other members of the branch, but his case has still not been heard. He spoke to the Weekly Worker

How not to organise

23 Apr 2015

LU’s unworkable constitution is to be revisited. Sarah McDonald reports on this and other decisions taken by the national council

Swept along by the moment

16 Apr 2015

In the name of cuddling up to the Greens, Socialist Resistance warns about the dangers of the ‘ultra-left’. Paul Demarty objects

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