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Rebranding as Transform

03 Aug 2023

Yet another call for a new broad left party, yet another disappointment to come. Mike Macnair looks at the latest offering

End the farce

12 Jul 2018

Surely it is time to join the fight to transform the Labour Party, writes Peter Manson

Strategic bankruptcy confirmed

25 Feb 2016

Localists score a practical victory. A directionless leadership blows it with Momentum. Communist Platform makes its final bow. Jack Conrad reports on an eventful February 20 meeting of the LU national council

Missing the bigger picture

04 Feb 2016

Sarah McDonald reports on Left Unity's National Council meeting

Things don’t look good

21 Jan 2016

Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s shambolic London members aggregate

Heads in the sand

26 Nov 2015

Commissaress gives her impressions of Left Unity’s November 21-22 national conference

Going nowhere fast

26 Nov 2015

Despite Corbyn’s victory and a dramatic loss of members, Left Unity intends to continue as if nothing has changed. Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s conference

Choosing between two cultures

19 Nov 2015

Paul Demarty says we have the opportunity to organise in a radically democratic fashion

Charting our future

19 Nov 2015

Jack Conrad offers his recommendations for the November 21-22 conference

Taking Labour seriously

12 Nov 2015

Sarah McDonald reports from a sparsely attended national council meeting

Policies of other organisations

29 Oct 2015

Within the limits of principle everyone in Left Unity must have the right to put forward their own politics, writes Tina Becker

No to business as usual

29 Oct 2015

We need to take Labour seriously, argues LU national council member Sarah McDonald

Anatomy of a conference

15 Oct 2015

Jack Conrad offers pre-conference assessments and recommendations

Join fight to transform Labour

08 Oct 2015

Yassamine Mather points to a key decision facing next month’s Left Unity conference

Politics without the personal is non-politics

10 Sep 2015

Censuring the ‘bullying’ Weekly Worker for reporting events in Leeds is not what LU’s executive should be up to, says Micky Coulter

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