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How not to run a party

18 Dec 2014

NC member Yassamine Mather reports on the December 13 meeting

Being the extreme left in Left Unity

18 Dec 2014

CPGB members debated our work in Left Unity at its latest aggregate meeting. Daniel Harvey reports

Organisation, consciousness and knack of falling apart

04 Dec 2014

Simon Hardy A strategy for Left Unity: lessons from the European left International Socialist Network, 2014, pp34

A people’s history of heckling

04 Dec 2014

Attempts to ban heckling are designed to disempower the weak, argues Paul Demarty

Positive and realistic

04 Dec 2014

Yorkshire and Humber regional committee met last weekend. Mickey Coulter reports

Doing politics the same

27 Nov 2014

Despite its commitment to ‘safe spaces’, Socialist Resistance’s view on the way we should organise is not ‘different’ at all, comments Mike Macnair

Under the cosh of the safe spaces police

20 Nov 2014

Three comrades from LU recount their experiences

The tyranny of safe spaces

20 Nov 2014

We cannot start from the premise of exclusion, argues Yassamine Mather

Good intentions and the road to hell

20 Nov 2014

Where now for disputes and ‘safe spaces’? Mike Macnair examines the issues

Abstention and organisation

20 Nov 2014

The Communist Platform abstained on many motions put to conference. Paul Demarty explains why

Safe spaces checked, gains defended

20 Nov 2014

Peter Manson introduces our coverage of the LU policy conference

Left Unity: Background, prospects and secret trials

13 Nov 2014

Jack Conrad introduced a session on Left Unity at this year’s Communist University

Left Unity: Funny goings-on

13 Nov 2014

Some members of Left Unity are too quick to throw in the towel, reckons Paul Demarty

Left Unity: code of conduct or a safe spaces nightmare?

13 Nov 2014

How to vote at conference- Mike Macnair explains the Communist Platform’s recommendations for November 15-16

Relating to the left as it is

06 Nov 2014

The Communist Platform met on November 2 to prepare for the Left Unity conference in two weeks time. Daniel Harvey reports

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