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Youth and students get organised

02 Apr 2015

Callum Williamson reports on the successful founding conference of the new caucus

Left makes modest gains in internal elections

02 Apr 2015

All of the three main factions have something to celebrate, writes Peter Manson

Maverick left nationalist

26 Mar 2015

We reproduce below correspondence between comrade Freeman and LU national secretary Kate Hudson and also publish a statement issued by Left Unity’s Communist Platform

At the hustings

19 Mar 2015

Left Unity candidates give more responses to the Communist Platform's questions

A test of seriousness

19 Mar 2015

Paul Demarty examines responses to the seven questions posed by the Communist Platform to Left Unity candidates, and wonders why many are so reluctant to respond in good faith

Framing our electoral tactics

19 Mar 2015

The March 15 CPGB members’ aggregate debated the forthcoming general election and Left Unity’s internal elections. Daniel Harvey reports

Meaningless noise

12 Mar 2015

Workers Power has made a strange new ally. Daniel Harvey reports

Candidates give their answers

12 Mar 2015

These are the questions posed by the Communist Platform to those standing for the leadership

No magic bullet

05 Mar 2015

Mickey Coulter reports from the Yorkshire regional committee.

Amendments galore, seats decided

05 Mar 2015

Yassamine Mather reports on the February 28 meeting of the national council.

Aims, deals and recommendations

05 Mar 2015

Jack Conrad reports from the Communist Platform’s steering committee

Arguments about Greens

26 Feb 2015

Here we present two reports about Left Unity's debate around the "anti-asuterity alliance". First Peter Manson reports from Greenwich and Lewisham branch

A misjudged Bonapartist initiative

19 Feb 2015

Jack Conrad urges LU members to protest against leadership violations of our constitution

A well-ordered militia

05 Feb 2015

The Greens are under attack because of their ‘insane’ attitude towards the army. Meanwhile, observes Jack Conrad, the left continues its cowardly silence

Not fit for purpose

15 Jan 2015

Jack Conrad shows that the LU constitution internalises trade union defeats and contains self-defeating time bombs

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