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Overcoming the enemies within

Plaid Cymru's left collapses

05 Jul 2007

Last week Plaid Cymru's left AMs voted to support the 'One Wales' document that now seems likely to form the basis of a Labour-Plaid coalition government in the Welsh assembly over the next four years. Bob Davies reports

Left pragmatism led to Blair and Brown

21 Jun 2007

As far as most people are concerned, the question raised by the Labour Party's deputy leadership election was not 'Who will win?' but rather 'Who cares who wins?' Mary Godwin comments

Brown's left cover?

07 Jun 2007

Labour's deputy leadership election has met with a pretty muted response from the left. This is hardly surprising, says Mary Godwin

Labour left in crisis

17 May 2007

Jack Conrad and Jim Moody comment on John McDonnell's failure to get onto the ballot paper for the Labour leadership election

Ten wasted years

10 May 2007

Americanisation and resistance to it was the dominant theme in Blair's decade, argues Mike Macnair

Song of hope and solidarity

05 Apr 2007

The organisers of the John McDonnell rally on Saturday March 31 were pleased with the turnout of those supporting the leftwing Labour MP's bid for the leadership of the party. Mark Fischer reports

Change does not come through invasions

29 Mar 2007

Contrary to what some in the John for Leader camp have suggested, John McDonnell himself has unambiguously expressed not only his ongoing solidarity with Iranian workers, students, women and democrats, but his continued support for the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign. Steve Cooke reports

McDonnell and lesser evilism

29 Mar 2007

None of the large, Labour-affiliated unions have come on board the campaign to elect John McDonnell leader of the Labour Party, and even some of his Socialist Campaign Group comrades are not backing him. Jim Moody looks at the reasons for their reticence

Step up pressure on union lefts to get John McDonnell on the ballot

22 Mar 2007

If John McDonnell's name were to appear on the ballot paper to decide the Labour Party's new leader, that would bring with it the possibility of revitalising the entire left. However, thanks in large part to the cowardice of the left union bureaucrats, not enough Labour MPs have come under pressure to nominate him, says Jim Moody

Uphill battle for McDonnell

15 Mar 2007

With in all likelihood only a couple of months to go before Tony Blair steps down as Labour leader, the campaign to elect John McDonnell as his replacement is still unable to gather enough steam to ensure that, at the very least, his name appears on the ballot paper. Peter Manson reports

May 3 and the CPGB

08 Mar 2007

The forthcoming elections will feature a number of left Labour and socialist candidates and slates, writes Peter Manson. On what basis should we decide who deserves our support?

Revisiting Warwick

01 Feb 2007

Labour is turning to the unions once again to ease its financial problems. But will the union bureaucrats write more blank cheques? Alan Stevens calls for a political fightback

Left network launched

18 Jan 2007

Dave Isaacson reports on the January 13 launch conference of Socialist Youth Network, the Labour Representation Committee's youth organisation, at the University of London Union

No anti-communist witch-hunts

11 Jan 2007

Members of Communist Students have been banned from a new 'open' socialist youth organisation set up by supporters of the John McDonnell campaign. James Turley and Tina Becker report

Dead ducks and Labour pains

30 Nov 2006

Entitled 'New Labour after Blair - can it be shifted left or is a new workers' party needed?' this meeting illustrated that the Socialist Party has a deeply problematic stance in relation to the Labour Party. Lawrence Parker reports

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