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Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

No anti-communist witch-hunts

11 Jan 2007

Members of Communist Students have been banned from a new 'open' socialist youth organisation set up by supporters of the John McDonnell campaign. James Turley and Tina Becker report

Dead ducks and Labour pains

30 Nov 2006

Entitled 'New Labour after Blair - can it be shifted left or is a new workers' party needed?' this meeting illustrated that the Socialist Party has a deeply problematic stance in relation to the Labour Party. Lawrence Parker reports

Another Marxism is possible

16 Nov 2006

Richard Price responds to Mike Macnair's critique of 100 years of Labour

Keeping Marxist powder dry

26 Oct 2006

Owen Jones of the campaign to elect John McDonnell to succeed Tony Blair spoke to the Weekly Worker

Only democracy can fully meet needs

28 Sep 2006

The National Health Service is unsafe in New Labour hands, says Jim Moody

100 years hard labour?

28 Sep 2006

Mike Macnair reviews Graham Bash and Andrew Fisher: 100 years of Labour (London 2006, pp80, £4). Available from www.100yearsoflabour.net

Build support for McDonnell

28 Sep 2006

As the Labour Party conference comes to an end, Graham Bash of Labour Left Briefing calls for the leadership contest to be linked to the fight for a fundamental change of direction

Time for politics

28 Sep 2006

Peter Manson reports from the September 23 'Time to go' demonstration in Manchester

No space left of Labour

21 Sep 2006

The John McDonnell campaign marks a significant change, argues Owen Jones of the Labour Representation Committee and Socialist Youth Network

Fight for what we need and for democracy

14 Sep 2006

Carey Davies and Sachin Sharma report from the launch rally for John McDonnell's bid for the Labour Party leadership

Confident campaign

27 Jul 2006

John McDonnell was bullish about both the Labour Representation Committee conference and the prospects for his leadership campaign when he spoke to Mark Fischer

21st century socialism

27 Jul 2006

Owen Jones is the coordinator of the recently launched LRC youth group, the Young Socialists, and is on the John McDonnell campaign team. Mark Fischer collared him for an argument

Astute timing but weak politics

27 Jul 2006

The John McDonnell challenge affords the Labour left a chance of a comeback, Mark Fischer reckons. But what should be the role of Marxists in the party?

Sleaze is back

20 Jul 2006

But, argues Mike Macnair, it never really went away

Come back and fight (and vote)

20 Jul 2006

John McDonnell's decision to contest the Labour leadership opens up opportunities for the left, writes Graham Bash of Labour Left Briefing

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