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Overcoming the enemies within

A racist state

13 Sep 2018

Labour’s adoption of the IHRA definition was a shameful betrayal of the Palestinians, writes Tony Greenstein

Grovelling will not save you

06 Sep 2018

No olive branch is big enough for the Labour right Paul Demarty wonders why the leadership keeps offering them

NEC left capitulates

06 Sep 2018

But there might yet be light at the end of the tunnel, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Past misdemeanours

16 Aug 2018

'A party with socialists in it: a history of the Labour left' by Simon Hannah (Pluto Press 2018, pp288, £12.99)

The politics of offence

16 Aug 2018

Does it matter if Labour adopts all of the IHRA’s examples of ‘anti-Semitism’? Eddie Ford thinks so

Imprisoned within the national

09 Aug 2018

Comparisons with Donald Trump are dishonest - but that does not mean Corbyn’s industrial strategy will actually work, warns Paul Demarty

Stand up to your enemies

09 Aug 2018

The more Corbyn retreats, writes David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists, the more the Labour right grows in confidence

Hodging their bets

09 Aug 2018

Labour’s Kafkaesque disciplinary procedure is part of the ongoing attacks on free speech, writes Mike Macnair

Time for Corbyn to start fighting back

02 Aug 2018

Israel is an apartheid state, writes Tony Greenstein, and saying so is not anti-Semitic

Not fit for purpose

26 Jul 2018

Margaret Hodge’s attack on Jeremy Corbyn demonstrates why the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism must be ditched, writes Tony Greenstein

Scorched earth and statesmen

26 Jul 2018

Mike Macnair looks at the continued efforts of the Labour right to procure an electoral defeat

A Labour council’s inquisition

19 Jul 2018

Stan Keable tells how the anti-Corbyn witch-hunt in the Labour Party has spilled over into political victimisation in the workplace

Breach of rules?

19 Jul 2018

The witch-hunt has reached the heights of absurdity, reports Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Gaining momentum

05 Jul 2018

The campaign to reinstate Stan Keable has growing support

Compounding the mistake

28 Jun 2018

No-one should be congratulated for the ‘Anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism’ witch-hunt in the Labour Party, says David Shearer

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