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Crisis and creeping despair

26 Apr 2012

From the killing spree by a lucid yet paranoid Anders Breivik to the increase in private and public suicides in austerity Europe Paul Demarty asks, what is capitalism doing to our minds?

Britain’s home-grown Hitler

19 Feb 1998

Establishment pays respect

19 Feb 1998

Death of Enoch Powell

From fascism to New Labour

29 May 1997

More conservative than the Conservatives

Flashback to Spanish civil war

15 May 1997

Nick Clarke reviews A greater tomorrow by Hector MacMillan

Broadcasting the socialist message

01 May 1997

Censorship’s slippery slope

20 Mar 1997

Police pay out £5,000

13 Feb 1997

Second protester in Gravesend, North Kent, against racism and fascism is to get hundreds of pounds from Kent police

Celebrating anti-fascist resistance

03 Oct 1996

Anti-Fascist Action has organised a series of events to commemorate the Battle of Cable Street and the Spanish Civil War. Here Andy Richards gives AFA’s views on how to fight fascism today

Dark moment in history

05 Sep 1996

review of Jesus Hernandez's How the NKVD framed the POUM (1996, pp27, £1)

Counterrevolution in the revolution

05 Sep 1996

The Spanish revolution and subsequent civil war, which erupted for real 60 years ago in July 1936, is the source of endless controversy. The defeat of the revolution generates an equal amount of anger and sadness. Everyone supported the Spanish revolution and hated Franco. Eddie Ford examines what went wrong

Where red meets brown

30 May 1996

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

De-recognition threat

02 May 1996

Fascist distortions

07 Mar 1996

John Bayliss reviews 'Ecofascism' by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier (AK Press, pp73, £5.00)

Royal skeletons rattled

30 Nov 1995

Danny Hammill reviews Channel Four’s 'Secret Lives: Edward VIII, the Traitor King'

Toeing the party line

23 Nov 1995

Danny Hammill reviews 'Art and Power: Europe under the dictators 1930-45' at Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre (October 26 1995 - January 21 1996, £5, £3.50 concessions)

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