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Crisis and creeping despair

26 Apr 2012

From the killing spree by a lucid yet paranoid Anders Breivik to the increase in private and public suicides in austerity Europe Paul Demarty asks, what is capitalism doing to our minds?

Texas and the F-word

10 Jun 2021

Can fascism be established in the absence of a working class threat? Daniel Lazare believes it is possible

Misusing the F-word

27 May 2021

To effectively combat today’s far right we must begin by rejecting lazy analogies. Jack Conrad calls for clear historical thinking

Theatre of revolution

20 May 2021

While the March on Rome was significant, writes David Broder, the active collaboration of the Italian ruling class with the fascists was central

Royalty and the Reich

08 Apr 2021

Eddie Ford reviews Channel 4's 'Queen Elizabeth and the spy in the palace', directed by Andy Webb

We light fires

18 Feb 2021

One half of the Labour Campaign for Free Speech does not believe in free speech. They want a ‘free speech, but ...’ campaign. Jack Conrad explains why the left should champion the unrestricted right to organise, strike, assemble and speak

Bigger than January 6

11 Feb 2021

Donald Trump is now on trial before the Senate charged with inciting insurrection. Jack Conrad says the attempted self-coup began long before the January 6 storming of the Capitol

End of internet anarchy

14 Jan 2021

Fallout from the Capitol invasion shows that pacification of social media is well underway, says Paul Demarty

A guide for the perplexed

17 Dec 2020

The country faces a systemic crisis. Daniel Lazare argues that ‘Repocratic’ politics inevitably leads to chaos

What might have been

25 Jun 2020

Nathaniel Flakin spoke to the June 14 Online Communist Forum about Martin Monath, an inspiring example of revolutionary internationalism. As a Jewish Berliner, living in occupied France, he attempted to recruit German soldiers to fight against Nazism

Brandishing old ghosts

12 Dec 2019

Jack Conrad argues that in order to effectively combat today’s far right we must begin by rejecting false historical analogies.

Pretend language of democracy

06 Dec 2019

Thomas Klikauer and Norman Simms see the ugly old face of classic fascism behind the new social media veneer.

What the critics are missing

28 Nov 2019

Paul Demarty looks at the fallout from Roger Hallam’s invocation of the holocaust.

Foul residue of colonialism

21 Mar 2019

Rex Dunn examines how the culture and politics of New Zealand and Australia contributed to the Christchurch massacre

Maggots, Marxists and Muslims

21 Mar 2019

Like Anders Breivik, the Christchurch killer has a programmatic world view. Eddie Ford looks at the fascistic idealism of Brenton Tarrant

Our rights threatened too

17 Jan 2019

Although Britain’s far-right yellow vests are an obnoxious assortment of racists, xenophobes and odd-balls, we must defend their right to protest, says Eddie Ford

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