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Crisis and creeping despair

26 Apr 2012

From the killing spree by a lucid yet paranoid Anders Breivik to the increase in private and public suicides in austerity Europe Paul Demarty asks, what is capitalism doing to our minds?

Propaganda of the deed

09 Jun 2011

Harley Filben reviews Sean Birchall's 'Beating the fascists: The untold story of Anti-Fascist Action' Freedom Press, London 2010, pp413, £15

Lies that refuse to be buried

24 Feb 2011

On the anniversary of the 1933 Reichstag fire, Bob Potter looks back at the trial of Marinus van der Lubbe and Georgi Dimitrov

Jailbirds, extremists, and white power rock

06 Jan 2011

Maciej Zurowski argues that state bans only serve the ruling class. There must be freedom ... even for bad music and offensive lyrics

'Surfing rabbi' wheeled out

28 Oct 2010

The October 24 English Defence League march to the Israeli embassy "in solidarity with Israel" was virtually ignored by Unite Against Fascism. Maciej Zurowski reports

Leftist dogma and exaggerated threats

26 Aug 2010

The EDL did not turn up to disrupt an SWP event after all, reports Maciej Zurowski

See no evil, hear no evil

27 May 2010

Ben Lewis is astounded by the PCS call for the state and employers to be granted more power over the workforce in the name of anti-fascism

What the EDL is and how not to combat it

08 Apr 2010

Is it wrong to describe membership of the English Defence League as lumpen? Are they BNP pawns or a fascist danger in their own right? Eddie Ford examines these and other questions

Weyman Bennett should be criticised, not charged

25 Mar 2010

The sorry farce in Bolton once again demonstrates that the anti-fascist left is not only disorganised, but politically disorientated, writes Eddie Ford

No judge-made bans on BNP

18 Mar 2010

Moves to restrict the right to politically organise could easily be used against the left, argues Eddie Ford

Anti-BNP class-collaboration

01 Oct 2009

The left’s spluttering response to Nick Griffin’s invitation to appear on Question time reveals a floundering political strategy, argues James Turley

How not to stop the BNP

23 Jul 2009

The continued rise of the British National Party raises key questions about the left's strategy. Ben Lewis takes a look at the Socialist Workers Party's analysis and argues for a root-and-branch rethink

Getting real about the BNP

20 Mar 2008

Benjamin Klein takes issue with comrades Jim Grant and Dave Isaacson on the nature of the far right and the threat it poses

Facing up to the fascists

21 Feb 2008

Jim Grant and David Isaacson take issue with Jack Conrad on anti-fascist strategy

No platform and the BNP

21 Feb 2008

Is 'no platforming' an unshakable principle or a tactic? Ted North reports on the discussion among Communist Students

What is fascism?

07 Feb 2008

Is it a matter of principle that communists should attempt to deny organisations of the extreme right a platform? Jack Conrad provides historical background in support of his motion to be put to the February 9 CPGB aggregate

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