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Crisis and creeping despair

26 Apr 2012

From the killing spree by a lucid yet paranoid Anders Breivik to the increase in private and public suicides in austerity Europe Paul Demarty asks, what is capitalism doing to our minds?

Getting the BNP into perspective

24 Jan 2008

Benjamin Klein responds to critics on no-platforming and argues that the left must learn to think if it is ever going to establish a movement that can really challenge our main enemy

No to SWP Berufsverbot

18 Jan 2007

To defeat the BNP, we must fight the system - and not call for ballet dancers to lose their jobs, says Jim Moody

SWP 'no platform' fiasco

23 Nov 2006

Last weekend's grandly named People's Assembly saw the Socialist Workers Party adopt a highly contradictory position on the crucial question of defence of democratic rights, including the right to free speech. Peter Manson reports

BNP acquittal heralds fresh attack on rights

16 Nov 2006

Communists reject giving the state more powers to restrict free speech, says Jim Moody

Driven by neglect

20 Apr 2006

The British National Party really could not have hoped for better press in the lead-up to the May local elections in England. Huw Bynon reports

Driven by neglect

13 Apr 2006

Driven by neglect

Anti-fascism after Oldham

21 Jun 2001

Stop the National Front

12 Apr 2001

Establishment steals Nazi holocaust

01 Feb 2001

Learning from the fascists

01 Jul 1999

Mark Fischer looks at the April 21 edition of Fighting Talk, published by Anti-Fascist Action

Defend tiny Serbia

27 May 1999

Former SLP vice-president Royston Bull says defeating Nato is the only issue at stake

Shadowing Blair

20 May 1999

SWP and bourgeois anti-racism

Overturn Pinochet constitution

10 Dec 1998

Leaving Straw to extradite the dictator is not enough

Good enough for us

29 Oct 1998

Le Pen and censorship

World Cup chauvinism

18 Jun 1998

Rioting England fans have set back Labour’s ‘Cool Britannia’ project

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