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Crisis and creeping despair

26 Apr 2012

From the killing spree by a lucid yet paranoid Anders Breivik to the increase in private and public suicides in austerity Europe Paul Demarty asks, what is capitalism doing to our minds?

Hope and betrayal: Spain 1936

26 Oct 1995

Danny Hammill reviews 'Land and Freedom', directed by Ken Loach (general release)

Howard attack, tip of the iceberg

26 Oct 1995

The Tories’ latest attack on asylum seekers and the tightening of immigration controls is another in the round of attacks on the whole of the working class. But the Labour Party is eagerly vying for a leading position in the chauvinist league. A united working class response is urgently needed. It is therefore important to examine the gains we have made since the last TUC ‘Unite against racism’ march

State jails Welling anti-fascists

21 Sep 1995

New terror group

27 Jul 1995

French fascists gain

22 Jun 1995

Opportunism's slippery slope

08 Jun 1995

VE Day hype and lies

18 May 1995

Compassion for humans?

23 Feb 1995

No victory for workers

02 Feb 1995

Rewriting the history books

02 Feb 1995

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