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The long view

Hidden from history

22 Nov 2007

Lawrence Parker, The kick inside - revolutionary opposition in the CPGB 1960-1991 2007, £4.00 (+ £1.15 postage), pp75

The procedural is political

15 Nov 2007

We must learn to recognise both bureaucratic and legalistic manipulation, writes Mike Macnair

Facebook censorship

06 Sep 2007

David Isaacson of Communist Students shows that the SWP stands opposed to debate and the free exchange of ideas

Bleeding obvious

26 Jul 2007

What exactly is the AWL frightened of? Mark Fischer wonders

Majority rights and minority duties

19 Jul 2007

It is irresponsible to threaten to walk out simply because one finds oneself in a minority, says Eddie Ford

Unity in diversity

11 May 2006

How does the concept of the united front fit into the struggle for a Communist Party? Mike Macnair continues his examination of strategy

You're out, comrade X!

23 Mar 2006

No names

23 Mar 2006

Wrong thoughts

23 Mar 2006

Martin Smith and his telephone expulsion

23 Mar 2006

As the latest case shows, any member who dares to question the Socialist Workers' Party's political trajectory faces expulsion by telephone. Martin Smith's regime is a disgrace and discredits the left in general, writes SW Kenning

Revolutionary strategy and Marxist conclusions

23 Feb 2006

In the second in a series of articles, Mike Macnair continues his examination of right-moving Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire theorists and the response of the SWP's Alex Callinicos

Floundering towards Eurocommunism

16 Feb 2006

While Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire theorists flounder towards Eurocommunism, the SWP's Alex Callinicos can only answer them with evasion. In the first of two articles, Mike Macnair discusses revolutionary strategy

Security, control and principled debate

02 Feb 2006

Does our paper's fight for transparency in the workers' movement play games with "people's lives and livelihoods"? The letter below from Mike Davies, a member of the left nationalist group, Cymru Goch, makes that charge. Mark Fischer replies

A modest proposal

15 Jan 2004

Manny Neira calls for a review of the democratic centralism practised by our organisation

No expulsions

08 Jan 2004

Anne Mc Shane of the Socialist Alliance appeals committee welcomes the long overdue dropping of all charges against the Bedfordshire two

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