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The long view

29 Mar 2012

Communists must be patient, writes Paul Demarty, avoiding the twins of opportunism and adventurism

The tiny cog and its mechanical mindset

13 Oct 2011

Peter Manson reviews the first of three SWP pre-conference bulletins

The tragedy of Sylvia Pankhurst

09 Jun 2011

Sectarianism led to putting individual projects before party

Real democracy needs organisation

09 Jun 2011

Collective discipline is absolutely fundamental to majoritarian politics, writes James Turley

Latest irresponsible split from SWP

14 Apr 2011

The defection of Chris Bambery and a section of the Scottish membership highlights systemic failings. Peter Manson reports

The phoney war has ended

17 Feb 2011

Alex John describes the opening round in the CPGB discussion on perspectives

Extended rally gives leadership free rein

13 Jan 2011

The central committee brushed differences under the carpet at the Socialist Workers Party annual conference. James Turley reports

Another one bites the dust

06 Jan 2011

Even before SWP comrades gather in London for their annual conference, the central committee has sacked Martin Smith as national secretary and replaced him by Charlie Kimber. Peter Manson looks at an organisation in crisis

Lessons of the NUWM and UWC

28 Jan 2010

Mark Fischer takes a look at the National Unemployed Workers Movement and the Unemployed Workers Charter

Looking good

14 Feb 2008

Partisans for the paper. Mary Godwin reports on the CPGB's February aggregate meeting

Shaky SACP tries to steer ANC

13 Dec 2007

Next week the African National Congress holds its conference, where president Thabo Mbeki is being challenged for the leadership by Jacob Zuma, who is supported by a faction of the South African Communist Party. South African socialist Terry Bell looks at the financial problems of the SACP and the party's role within the ANC

Posing left or defending principle

06 Dec 2007

David Broder, a member of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, has responded to an article by Tina Becker on the campaign for democracy in the National Union of Students. Ben Lewis continues the debate

Hidden from history

22 Nov 2007

Lawrence Parker, The kick inside - revolutionary opposition in the CPGB 1960-1991 2007, £4.00 (+ £1.15 postage), pp75

The procedural is political

15 Nov 2007

We must learn to recognise both bureaucratic and legalistic manipulation, writes Mike Macnair

Facebook censorship

06 Sep 2007

David Isaacson of Communist Students shows that the SWP stands opposed to debate and the free exchange of ideas