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SWP: No return to normal

24 Jan 2013

The fight for democracy and accountability in the SWP is gaining ground, reports Ben Lewis

The left: Rebellion, regroupment and the party we need

17 Jan 2013

Ben Lewis surveys the British left’s response to the crisis gripping the SWP, and calls for a radical change of culture

SWP crisis: Opposition emboldened as demand for recall grows

17 Jan 2013

The leadership can no longer lead - but a positive outcome to the crisis requires more than the removal of the entire CC, argues Paul Demarty

SWP's Tom Walker: Why I am resigning

10 Jan 2013

Tom Walker, (now former) Socialist Worker journalist, argues that the time has come to leave the SWP

SWP conference: Comrades in the SWP, rebel!

10 Jan 2013

The central committee was delivered a body blow at this weekend’s conference - but for dissidents the fight must go on, argues Paul Demarty

SWP: Expelled before conference begins

20 Dec 2012

Once more the SWP central committee has acted to silence critics and cut off debate, reports Peter Manson

SWP conference: Crazy contortions of SWP central committee

13 Dec 2012

Following criticisms of the SWP’s culture and practice in the first two Internal Bulletins, the leadership has mobilised to rubbish opponents. Peter Manson reports

Anti-Capitalist Initiative:Up the Swanny

06 Dec 2012

The Anti-Capitalist Initiative hosted two events over the weekend of December 1-2. Mark Fischer was not impressed

Australian SA: Regroupment in a revolutionary party

08 Nov 2012

Have the hard-line ‘Cliffite sectarians’ seen the light?

SWP conference: An anatomical investigation

08 Nov 2012

A minority of SWP comrades are taking advantage of their right to put their views before the membership once a year. Peter Manson reviews the latest Pre-conference Bulletin

SWP: Annual show of ‘democracy’

11 Oct 2012

This years first Internal Bulletin is a CC dominated token effort at democratic debate. Will this change, wonders Peter Manson?

Democratic centralism and idiocy of the sects

28 Jun 2012

Comrades need the space to develop and express their ideas, argues Jim Creegan. The wider the distance between a given question and the party's immediate objectives and tasks, the more latitude they should have to do so in public

Rewriting the past

31 May 2012

Lawerence Parker reviews: Roger Seifert and Tom Sibley Revolutionary communist at work: a political biography of Bert Ramelson Lawrence and Wishart, 2012, pp414,

The long view

29 Mar 2012

Communists must be patient, writes Paul Demarty, avoiding the twins of opportunism and adventurism

The tiny cog and its mechanical mindset

13 Oct 2011

Peter Manson reviews the first of three SWP pre-conference bulletins