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Judge tactics in the concrete

Mark Fischer reports on the surprisingly united July 11 meeting of CPGB members

No complacency!

We're off to a brilliant start to the Summer Offensive, says Peter Manson

Step up solidarity

The rapprochement between the Tehran regime and the west ushers in a challenging new period, writes Mark Fischer of Hands Off the People of Iran

Wurzels revisited

How do we do it? Mark Fischer reveals all

Tepid support for Corbyn

Mark Fischer reports on the SWP’s Marxism school

Wildcard winnings

Mark Fischer reports on some solid progress for the Summer Offensive

Mood of optimism

The CPGB summer fundraising is off to a good start, says Mark Fischer

Holding a line

Mark Fischer reports on the CPGB’s Summer Offensive

Tower Hamlets: vote Rabina Khan

The Provisional Central Committee makes its voting recomendation

This charming man

Ben Macintyre A spy among friends: Kim Philby and the great betrayal Bloomsbury, 2014, pp354, £18

Lessons of the Great Strike

Recognising the nature of the defeat at the end of the Miners' Strike was hard for the left, argues Mark Fischer

Impervious to lessons

Familiar bureaucratic maneuvering brought an end to the Miner's Strike, writes Mark Fischer

One year of the miners’ strike

Mark Fischer presents two articles originally printed in The Leninist at the end of the miners' strike

Against feminism, for the working class

Geraldine Duffy writes for International Women's Day in March 1985

Learning the lessons

Women were central to the struggle in the miners' Great Strike, says Mark Fischer

Still not too late

It was necessary to confront the defeatism of the left head on at the end of the miners' strike, says Mark Fischer

In mortal danger

At the end of the miners strike in 1984-85 the question became whether it was possible to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Facing up to reality

The left found it hard to accept defeat in 1985

More organised than the men

Mark Fischer reflects on an interview he had with Jean Davis in 1985.

A death in Wales

The miners needed to defend themselves. Mark Fischer discusses how difficult that was.

Left helps screw it up

The left failed the test of the Miners Strike, argues Mark Fischer

Committed revolutionary

John Robinson, 1926-2014

Intensification or resolution?

As the miner's strike approached a crossroads, president of Kent NUM Malcolm Pitt spoke to The Leninist

Under the cosh of the safe spaces police

Three comrades from LU recount their experiences

Keep on keeping on

Mark Fischer enjoyed himself at Socialism 2014

Jack Collins: We could swamp them

In 1984 The Leninist interviewed Jack Collins, area secretary of Kent NUM who went on to become disillusioned with the CPGB leadership

Lech Wałęsa and Thatcher, the wise and brave woman

While The Leninist's critique of Stalinism was still developing, it had no hesitation in calling the export of Polish coal to Britain during the miner's strike a scab act.

Modest expectations

Mark Fischer is impressed by a more sober and realistic attitude on the part of leading members

Violence and the miners

Another Leninist reprint - with salutary lessons for some in Left Unity today, says Mark Fischer

Moving and inspiring

Matthew Warchus (director) Pride general release

Recalling the nine days

A commitment to official union structures, and an inability to grasp the potential of organisations created by workers in struggle meant the miner's strike was a test most of the left failed, says Mark Fischer

Summer Offensive: Proud

This year's fundraising drive came exceedingly close to reaching the collective target, reports Mark Fischer

Final heave

Communist University is close at hand and the CPGB's annual fundraising drive is looking healthy, reports Mark Fischer. But don't let that stop you!

Valuable and provoking

Another good week for our annual fundraising drive. Mark Fischer reports

While the NUM waged war ...

Mark Fischer introduces another Leninist reprint, this time on the fight against liquidationist tendencies in the CPGB

Annual gauge

Mark Fischer is back in the game to give us this week's Summer Offensive update

Communist University and cash

The CPGB's summer offensive is keeping a good pace, reports Mark Fischer

Awakened to the class struggle

Mark Fischer introduces another Leninist reprint; Rebecca Sachs on the political transformation of women involved in the miner's strike

We're off!

Our annual Summer Offensive is off on the right foot, reports Mark Fischer

Summer Offensive: Raise the banner

Mark Fischer reports on a positive start to the CPGB's annual fundraising drive

Bolshevism was not a safe space for opportunism

Political differences need to be expressed in honest, frank and where necessary colourful language. Mark Fischer argues that the past has many important lessons for Left Unity

The question of Polish coal

Mark Fischer introduces another 'The Leninist' reprint from the time of the Miner's great strike

Still committed to Labour

Dean Kirk is of a rare political breed - along with Gill Kennett he was a Labour councillor in Hull who refused to vote for a cuts budget and was therefore suspended from the Labour group. He spoke to Mark Fischer

Left Unity: Political clarity first

The Communist Platform is standing four candidates in regional elections to the NC; Mark Fischer explains where and why

Serious approach demanded

We publish the response of the ISN to the CPGB's suggestion of discussions around revolutionary unity

Less haste, more politics

Mark Fischer reports on the meeting of Left Unity's leadership, where LU's labyrinthine constitution has been wreaking havoc

Rival politics of the miners’ strike

Mark Fischer introduces another blast from the past

Miners' strike: The gathering storm

In the year of the 30th anniversary of the start of the great miners' strike of 1984/5, we present the first of a series of contemporary extracts from our then factional journal The Leninist

Left Unity: Assume we have a tin opener

Mark Fischer spent a day at Left Unity's most recent TNC meeting... though it felt like a lot longer

Review: How to guard against state agents

Rob Evans and Paul Lewis Undercover: the true story of Britain’s secret police Faber and Faber, 2013, pp346, £12.99

To your posts, comrades

Mass working class pressure to save the Russian Revolution

Rees comes out for Blair's laws

Leaders of the Socialist Worker Party are galloping to the right at a breathtaking pace: John Rees supports the religious hatred laws, reports Mark Fischer

Walk on two legs

Mark Fischer reports on a debate that concerns the whole left

A reply to comrades

Last week's paper carried a letter from the Communist Struggle group in the Ukraine, suggesting that our two organisations have the possibility of "fruitful cooperation"

Harry who?

Party notes


Party notes

Taaffe pulls out

LSA slate for London elections


Party notes

Harry’s game

Party notes

Challenge to London unity

The fight for principled left unity in London to present an electoral challenge to Blair’s Labour has received a setback. The determination of the CATP to press ahead regardless of the plans of others is wrong

From Seattle to London

What kind of ‘anti-capitalism’?

Revolt against Blairism

Looking promising

GLA campaign


Party notes

Party school

Party notes

SWP conference

Party notes

Liquidationist step

SP dissidents to attend Socialist Network conference

SWP in or out?

Party notes

Private Godfrey

Party notes

Spies like us

Legality and illegality are different moments in the class struggle

Party notes

‘Waste of time’

Taaffe rubbishes anti-Blair lobby

Workers’ assimilation


Party notes

Party aggregate

Party notes

Recruit and integrate

Party notes

‘Official communists’ open up

Will Robert Griffiths be the death of the CPB?



Party notes

Cryptic SWP

Party notes


Party notes

Learning from the fascists

Mark Fischer looks at the April 21 edition of Fighting Talk, published by Anti-Fascist Action

Liquid assets

Summer Offensive ‘99


Party notes

Hammer and tongs

Party notes

No breakthrough

Party notes

Assessing Euro ’99

Party notes

Vote ‘Weekly Worker’ on June 10!

Communist manifesto launched

SPEW set to splinter

Dissidents from a number of regions about to walk out


Party notes

Sordid sectarianism

Washing our dirty linen

Party notes

Cool Cymru?

Mark Fischer reviews ‘Wales: class struggle and socialism’ by Charlie Kimber (Socialist Workers Party 1999, pp47)

Long live May Day! Victory to the 16th Summer Offensive!

Party notes

Commission results

Party notes

Urgent appeal

Party notes


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Brittle Bolsheviks

Party notes


Party notes

Call for enquiry

Party notes

Exquisite irony

Party notes

Half decent

Party notes

Livingstone for mayor?

Party notes

Perspectives ’99

Party notes

Publish and be damned

Mark Fischer replies to Alan Gibson

Step forward

Party notes

Splitting the pack?

Party notes

Micawber militants

Foot balls

Party notes


Party notes

Left in crisis

Party notes

Socialist Party in England and Wales: Extinction looms

Two schools

Party notes

Taaffe culls opposition

SP faces oblivion as Liverpool rebels

Fighting isolation

Party notes

Taaffe’s debacle

Party notes


Party notes

Euro-election fund

Party notes

United Kingdom communists

Party notes

The Party ‘line’

Party notes

Perspectives ’99

Party notes

Communist University ’98

Party notes

Taking sides

Party notes

For or against liquidationism

Two recent resignations from the CPGB underline the nature of the political period. These letters of personal justification written in April are printed below with a reply from Mark Fischer which draws out some political lessons

Frozen in dogma

Notes by Mark Fischer in consultation with PCC members


Party notes

Socialist Hypocrisy Group

Party notes

Craig agonises

Party notes

Assessing Trotsky

Party notes

Quiet down below

Party notes

June aggregate

Party notes

Welcome move

Party notes

Education, education, education

Party notes

Sad Taaffe

Party notes

Fight nationalist poison

Party notes

Long live May Day!

Party notes

Alarm bells ringing


Party notes

USSR school

Party notes

Grasping at straws

Party notes

Welsh road to British road

Mark Fischer highlights some moments from the career of Robert Griffiths, general secretary of the CPB

Leaving the Party

Party notes

Good morning, judge

Party notes

Don’t get paranoid

Party notes

Towards the Daily Worker

Party notes

The sound of silence

Party notes

Sectarian methodology

Mark Fischer replies to a recent polemic against the CPGB

Party notes

Battle looms

Socialist Alliances and rapprochement

Party notes

One step forward

Party notes

The ‘P’ word

Party notes

Rapprochement aggregate

Party notes

Party schools

Party notes

Perspectives ’98

Party notes

For a revolution in the SLP!

Party notes

Fight homophobia

The issue of gay rights is a controversial one in the SLP. Here Peter Tatchell speaks to Mark Fischer about the fight for gay liberation

Nationalist swamp

Party notes


Some have been very quick to write obituaries for the Socialist Labour Party. Too quick, says Mark Fischer

Be serious

Party notes


Party notes

‘Bugger it’?

Party notes

Same old crap

Party notes

Democratic or bureaucratic centralism?

Mark Fischer concludes his reply to Richard Brenner of Workers Power

Party notes

Sect or Party?

Mark Fischer replies to Richard Brenner’s polemic against the Communist Party. First, the question of democratic centralism ...

Cracks begin to open up

Socialist Party conference

Party notes

Party notes

Carving out an audience

Party notes

SML ambiguities

Party notes

Sell this paper!

Party notes

Open letter to SML

Party notes

Heil Tommy?

Party notes

Work, commitment and guts

Party notes

Kirstie Paton’s DNA

Workers Power’s particular brand of ‘Leninist’ discipline leads it into the arms of Tony Blair - without a single voice of opposition

Party aggregate endorses shift

Party notes

Summer Offensive ’97

Cream on it?

Party notes

Scargill rubs it in ...

Party notes

Speaking for the establishment

Party notes

Summer Offensive reaches halfway mark

Party notes

Scargill bans democracy

Scargill draws the line against the fight for democracy - Mark Fischer asks, ‘Which side are you on?’

Opening up the post-election debate

Mark Fischer comments on Socialist Party’s internal discussion document, see ‘The 1997 general election and perspectives for Marxism’

Party time ...

Party notes

Socialist Party’s open letter

Party notes

Puerile psycho-babble

Mark Fischer reviews Marx: a clear guide by Edward Reiss (Pluto Press 1996, pp180)

Crisis? What crisis...?

Party notes

Sectarians to the core

Workers Power talks tough, tells fibs

Cohesion, discipline and the Summer Offensive

Party notes

Form and content

Mark Fischer reviews The labour movement and the Internet: the new internationalism by Eric Lee (Pluto Press 1997, pp212)

Long live May Day!

Party Notes

Summer Offensive ’97

Party notes

April aggregate

Party notes

Spartville city limits

Party notes

Significant silences

Party notes

Open debate

Party notes

Playing for keeps

Party notes

March aggregate

Party notes

No more Coronation Street

Party notes

Thumping people

Party notes

Why change?

Party notes

Sterile sectarianism

The Communist

Party Notes

Scotland school

Party notes

Militant Labour perspectives

Party notes

One lump

Party notes

Communist Party Perspectives 1997

At its last national aggregate of 1996, the perspectives document for this year was passed unanimously by our organisation. Mark Fischer highlights some of its key points

A load of Bull

Real enemies of progressive socialism

The Weekly Worker has received a copy of a letter from Camden SLP chair Martyn Giscombe-Smith, which we publish below. We believe that the comrade is profoundly mistaken in announcing his resignation from the party, and urge him to reconsider. While he makes many valid criticisms and his frustration is understandable, he overlooks the key point: the SLP represents a left break from Labour of potentially great significance for the working class. All socialists should fight to shape the SLP into an organisation that is up to the job. It cannot be right to retire into the wilderness

Party finance

Party notes

Continuity and discipline

Party notes

Gutter journalism?

Party notes

Two wings

Party notes

SUPPLEMENT: Advance from vanguardism

On April 30 members of Open Polemic ended their membership of the CPGB. Here we print their reply to criticism of that decision published in Weekly Worker (May 9 1996). Below Mark Fischer replies and we print three documents submitted to the OP conference on December 1 from CPGB comrades

In defence of the Afghan revolution

Room for all revolutionaries

We print below a letter from the Communist Party (dated November 26 1996) to the Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International on the question of communist rapprochement. This was requested by the LCMRCI, a Trotskyist organisation, composed largely of comrades from a Workers Power/League for a Revolutionary Communist International background. The comrades are seeking clarification of our stance to provide the basis for future exchanges on the question of Party-building and the possibility of joint work.

Moving on

Party notes

Three waves

Party Notes

Care and maintenance

Party notes

Unity in one party

The Communist Party of Great Britain has applied for affiliation to the Socialist Labour Party. We reproduce here the letter agreed at a recent aggregate of the CPGB

The sword

Party notes

Fingering the IBT?

Party notes

Last thing we need


Party notes

Trash can Sinatras

Party notes


The International Bolshevik Tendency has criticised the Communist Party for refusing to liquidate itself. The CPGB’s national organiser replies

Party perspectives

Party notes

Working class united

Party notes

ISG collapse

Party notes

The SLP: a party of ‘recomposition’?

Party notes

Transitional forms?

Party notes

Impressive Achievement

Party notes

Anatomy of Militant Labour

Party norm?

Party notes

Socialist News

Party notes

SLP - a key debate

Workers Power

A ‘proletarian party’?

Party notes

Wind Power?

Party notes

Melting into air

Party notes

Democracy and the SWP

SLP Unity

Party notes

Summer Offensive, Scargill and “the Turks”

Party notes

SLP loses youth leader

Last week we explained why we understand, but cannot agree with, Tony Savvas’s decision to quit. This week we publish correspondence relating to it

The arse-end of Pabloism

Party Notes

Our backyard

Party notes

The Party and the unemployed

Party notes

SLP: what’s possible, what’s not ...

Party notes

Overcoming amateurish work

Party notes

Militant Labour on the Fisc

More hypocrisy from the SLP ‘doorkeepers’

Leaders and led

Party notes

The main danger

Party notes

Letters between parting OP comrades and the PCC

Freedom to criticise

Party notes

What sort of party?

Green shoots of communism

Party notes

Komünist Birlik için!

This article is a Turkish translation of the front page article. On International Workers’ Day we call on all revolutionaries in the UK to unite in the struggle for Party

Communist University ‘96

Party notes

For communist unity

May Day is a workers’ celebration of international solidarity and organisation. The May Day march in London for a number of years has been dominated by revolutionaries in exile from Turkey and Kurdistan. This very fact is testimony to the important lessons their history of struggle holds for revolutionaries in Britain. That is why today we have published the draft programme discussion document in Turkish. This document, written by Jack Conrad as a result of a year’s discussion in our organisation, was published in the Weekly Worker (September 21 1995). Today we call on all revolutionaries in the UK to unite in the struggle for Party


Organised chaos

Party notes

The Fourth International Supporters Caucus

The Fisc operates as a secret faction inside the SLP. We defend their right to do so, but oppose their hypocritical witch-hunting of others. Below we reprint a large portion of the Fisc report to a recent meeting of the international Trotskyist grouping USFI

Socialism and the national question

Eamonn Mccann is a leading member of the Socialist Workers Movement (sister organisation of the SWP) in Ireland. He was a prominent supporter of the civil rights movement in Derry and his 'War and an Irish town' (1974) remains one of the best accounts of the period. He spoke to Mark Fischer recently

Summer Offensive

Party notes

No SLP witch-hunts!

Once again on liquidationism

Party notes

Fight liquidationism

Party notes

The SLP left

Party notes

Communist University ’96

Party notes

Walking away

Party notes

A conduit to party

Party notes

Fighting spirit

Party notes

Ballot box or ‘Bolshevism’?

Vote Labour, but ...

Party school

Party notes

Intervening in the SLP

An alternative anarchist pole

Bold move needed

Mark Fischer attended the recent aggregate of the Revolutionary Democratic Group (faction of the SWP). He brought the greetings of the Provisional Central Committee of the CPGB and a call for the RDG to make a bold move in communist rapprochement

World politicians

Scotland blazes the trail!

The year ahead: Nothing is preordained

Mark Fischer, CPGB national organiser, looks at Perspectives 96 - adopted by a Communist Party members’ aggregate, December 1995

Revolutionary recard

Party notes

Towards Rapprochement

The RDG recently held a membership aggregate. A packed agenda meant there was insufficient time for a full discussion on rapprochement. The RDG has therefore decided to reconvene in January to deal with this important issue. Below we reproduce the speech our national organiser, Mark Fischer, would have made to this meeting

IWCA confusion

Challenge to Labour

Arthur Scargill’s call for a Socialist Labour Party to challenge Blair’s party at the next election has struck a chord with thousands in our movement

“We’re British workers now - but we’ll fight like Turks”

On Saturday, November 4, Mark Fischer spoke to a young striker on JJ’s picket line

None of our business

The clash of ideas

Communist Party School

Anti-communist wrecker

Revolutionaries, unity and the SWP

For a democratic workers' party!

Inching towards the Party

Theory and practice

The 12th Party Offensive

Steps to rapprochement

A liberal adrift

In January of this year, Mark Fischer spoke to Francis Beckett

The Party's not over yet

Mark Fischer reviews 'Enemy within: The rise and fall of the British Communist Party' by Francis Beckett

Return to liberal roots

In the run up to the Labour Party’s special conference this weekend, we spoke to Mark Fischer, National Organiser of the CPGB, about the significance of the clause four debate and the tasks posed for the working class in the face of Blair’s ‘new’ Labour

SWP beyond reform?

Mark Fischer spoke to Andy Wilson of the recent split from the Socialist Workers Party, the International Socialist Group. The ISG has links with SWP breakaway groups in South Africa and Germany and has recently published a pamphlet which we reviewed in the Weekly Worker (December 15 1994)

Communist Party perspectives for 1995