Society & Culture

Günter Grass and the German neurosis

19 Apr 2012

Maciej Zurowski looks at a literary scandal and the bourgeoisie's attempt to cope with its past

Around the web

06 Nov 2003

Lacking a web profile: Phil Hamilton looks at George Galloway's website

Alien culture

06 Nov 2003

Jim Gilbert reviews two productions from the London Film Festival 2003: Save the green planet! (Jigureul jikyeora!),South Korea 2003; director: Jang Jun-hwan

Around the web: Moving left

30 Oct 2003

Phil Hamilton looks at George Monbiot's website

Arnie's total recall

16 Oct 2003

Jem Jones comments on Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming the new Republican governor of California

New England fights back

31 May 2001

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group presents his views on Oldham, Britishness and race

Napster: old and new

24 May 2001

The Socialist Alliance?s general election manifesto makes clear that New Labour ?excludes millions from cultural participation while promoting a corporate-dominated arts and leisure industry?. In other words culture is a site for struggle. As James Bull explains, that includes the global music industry

Karl Marx and religion - part 4

29 Mar 2001

In the last of a series of articles, Michael Malkin outlines the attitude of communists to believers

Eradicated from history

15 Mar 2001

Nikolai Roslavets Piano trios Nos 2-4 Trio Fontenay, Teldec, £10 (full price), 72 minutes, DDD

Ironic genius?

01 Mar 2001

Karl Marx and religion, part three

01 Mar 2001

Karl Marx and religion - part two

01 Feb 2001

Michael Malkin discusses Marx's critique of religion in the early 1840s


21 Dec 2000

Revolutionary life, revolutionary legacy


21 Dec 2000

Christianity and the decline of Rome

Karl Marx and religion

21 Dec 2000

World climate conference

30 Nov 2000

Mastering nature

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