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Coups, putsches and revolutions

06 May 2021

Not only real, but counterfactual history too, can provide valuable political insights. Derek James reports on the Spring Communist University, held over the long bank holiday weekend of April 30-May 3

No reliance on Good Friday

29 Apr 2021

As shown by the resignation of Arlene Foster, unionism is in profound crisis. But can the left take the lead and build working class unity? Anne McShane reports on the Conference for an Alternative United Ireland

Back to nature

22 Apr 2021

Vernon Price reports on what is an ongoing programmatic debate within the CPGB

No theory, please - we’re Labour

04 Mar 2021

Activism, never mind the politics: unfortunately this just about sums up the general approach. James Harvey reports

Disputed heritage

28 Jan 2021

The pathetically weak remnants have been marking the centenary of the Partito Comunista. Toby Abse reports from Livorno

Honing and updating

28 Jan 2021

Vernon Price reports on last weekend’s membership aggregate and the three debates over programme

Rising tide of resistance

17 Dec 2020

Oversubscribed and eager to fight. Clive Dean of Labour Party Marxists reports on a successful launch

Our strategic orientation

19 Nov 2020

Peter Manson reports on the joint meeting of CPGB and Labour Party Marxists members

Words as weapons

08 Oct 2020

CPGB members discussed the Middle East, the IHRA, and possible amendments to our Draft programme. Daniel Harvey reports

Micro-debates, fatal decisions

10 Sep 2020

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on an AGM that roundly voted to place itself in the rotten tradition of Millerandism. Fittingly John McDonnell was given star billing

In close-quarter combat

10 Sep 2020

Peter Manson reports on our assessment of and approach to the reformist Labour left

Sticking to failed politics

04 Sep 2020

Clive Dean of Labour Party Marxists reports on a conference characterised by the struggle between Marxism and left reformism

Judge tactics in the concrete

16 Jul 2020

Mark Fischer reports on the surprisingly united July 11 meeting of CPGB members

Broad versus mass

11 Jun 2020

Principles should not be negotiated away. Peter Manson reports on the discussion at last weekend’s meeting

Marxists and Labour Party

09 Apr 2020

Peter Manson reports on the online meeting and our responce to the twin plagues of Starmer and coronavirus

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