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Gerbils on a wheel

08 Jul 2010

Mike Macnair argues that the single tactic of 'No platform for fascists' merely recapitulates the errors of Dimitrov's popular front. This is an edited version of the speech he gave to the July 4 London Communist Forum fringe meeting during this year's Marxism

Integration and working class culture

13 May 2010

David Bates reviews Dave Renton's 'Colour blind? Race and migration in north-east England since 1945' University of Sunderland Press, 2008, pp286, £10.95

They all scapegoat migrants

06 May 2010

The reaction to Gordon Brown's attack on the 'bigoted' Gillian Duffy demonstrates the depth and breadth of the national chauvinist consensus, argues Eddie Ford

Griffin's eclectic manifesto

29 Apr 2010

BNP policies owe as much to the mainstream as they do to its leaders' fascist past, writes Eddie Ford

The obligation and means to resist tyranny

15 Apr 2010

Eddie Ford disagrees with the preaching of pacifism and legalism dressed up in anti-fascist clothing

Police ran riot in Bolton

25 Mar 2010

The mobilisation against the English Defence League was attacked and kettled by a well planned police operation. Sinead Rylance and Chris Strafford report

Football fan nationalism and ‘anti-fascist’ theatre

05 Nov 2009

Melvin Dawson witnesses collaboration between the UAF and the police

Racism or nationalism

07 May 2009

Much of the left continues to experience a great deal of difficulty in coming to terms with the British state's now highly developed official anti-racism, writes Peter Manson. The fact is that the state has colonised the left's anti-racism and turned it into its dialectical opposite - anti-racist national chauvinism

'Official anti-racism' cracks again

18 Sep 2008

The accusations of Tarique Ghaffur against the Metropolitan Police have given the lie to the state's 'liberal' PR, argues James Turley

Cut across ethnic divide

17 Jan 2008

It is class interests arising from the legacy of British rule that underlie Kenyan rivalries. Nick Rogers looks at the background to the current chaos

Oxford Union and 'free speech'

29 Nov 2007

The decision by the Oxford Union debating society to give a platform to BNP leader Nick Griffin and holocaust denier David Irving provoked national controversy. James Turley digs through it all and argues for a particular application of the 'no platform' tactic

Legitimating racism

11 May 2007

Dave Landau of the No One is Illegal campaign makes the case for open borders

Being called a 'black bastard' should not be normal

15 Mar 2007

In a certain sense, the recent comments by the now disgraced Tory MP, Patrick Mercer, can be welcomed, says Eddie Ford

SWP 'racism' fig leaf

23 Feb 2006

The furore following the Danish cartoons has not subsided, writes Peter Manson. But the position of many islamic groups - backed up by the Socialist Workers Party - plays into the hands of islamophobes

What's principle got to do with it?

02 Feb 2006

At the 'Defy section 9' conference in Manchester, the comrades from the SWP again tried to prevent the meeting from taking principled positions on the question of immigration, reports Dave Isaacson