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Daily Mail: Fear of everything

10 Oct 2013

After its latest brush with notoriety, Paul Demarty examines the Daily Mail

Daily Mail: Patriotism and the sins of the father

10 Oct 2013

Communists hate the Daily Mail even more than Ed Miliband, writes Eddie Ford, but reject Leveson and any moves towards state regulation of the press

Oppression and opportunism

18 Jul 2013

Peter Manson looks at questions of race, sex and nation raised by SWP speakers at Marxism

Anti-Semitism: Churchill and the Jewish question

30 May 2013

Paul Flewers replies to Eddie Ford

Tarantino and Spielberg reviews: Abolition and emancipation

21 Feb 2013

Mike Belbin reviews: Steven Spielberg (director) Lincoln, Quentin Tarantino (director) Django unchained

Football through the looking glass

19 Jul 2012

The John Terry racism trial has made for a sorrier spectacle than the average England match, writes Harley Filben

Antifa, nationalism and democracy

26 Apr 2012

Maciej Zurowski interviews Freerk Huisken - until his recent retirement a lecturer at the University of Bremen - about his new book

Racism as thoughtcrime

05 Apr 2012

In the light of the jailing of Liam Stacey for making racist comments on twitter about footballer and recent heart attack victim Fabrice Muamba , Paul Demarty takes a look at official ant-racism and the attitude of Marxists.

Police try to stop anti-fascist book launch

22 Mar 2012

Despite the clearly political intervention of the police, cowardly Quakers, and a handful of EDL youth, there was no stopping Tony Greensteins book launch in Brighton.

A load of old balls

12 Jan 2012

Racism persists in society - but, as recent scandals show, serious analysis has been replaced by moral hysteria, argues James Turley

Proper sites, not eviction

22 Sep 2011

Travellers must be free to follow the lifestyle of their choice, writes Peter Manson

Government demonises Muslims as extremists

17 Jun 2011

'Extremist' is being redefined to mean any Muslim who opposes British foreign policy. Eddie Ford looks at the revamped 'Prevent' strategy and the left's knee-jerk response

Left gets it wrong

21 Apr 2011

Cameron should not be condemned for playing into the hands of the BNP, argues Peter Manson. He should be condemned for pushing a vicious anti-working class line right now

'Anti-Zionist' holocaust denier

10 Mar 2011

Israeli jazz musician Gilad Atzmon represents a small but important current within the broader Palestine solidarity movement, writes Tony Greenstein. He sees the oppression of the Palestinians as being due to something inherent in Jewishness

National chauvinism and xeno-racism

02 Sep 2010

David Bates examines evolution of ruling class ideology