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Hidden from history

Respecting programme

05 Feb 2004

Jack Conrad contrasts the approach of the Bolsheviks to the tawdry attempts at self-justification by the opportunists in Respect

Socialism: the final shibboleth

29 Jan 2004

Manny Neira attended Sunday's Respect launch. He reflects on soul music, and soul selling

Socialism, reform and revolution

22 Jan 2004

Chris Jones of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks at the role of class struggle in shaping the politics of the 21st century

Britain at the crossroads

22 Jan 2004

The Democracy Platform of the Socialist Alliance has issued an alternative declaration for Respect

Deep factional roots

15 Jan 2004

The special congress of the Mornign Star/CPB will decide whether the organisation will opt for an electoral coalition with other trends on the left, or doggedly remain tied to the auto-Labourism of its British road to socialism programme. Alan Rees takes a look

Keep quiet about the 's' word

08 Jan 2004

The Socialist Alliance executive has reneged on the decision taken in December to engage with the Respect Unity Coalition on the basis of fighting "for it to adopt a working class and socialist platform". Marcus Ström reports.

For a workers' party

18 Dec 2003

The SA Democracy Platform - supported by the CPGB, the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, the Revolutionary Democratic Group and a bloc of individuals - has just issued this programmatic document

Put socialism at core of coalition

11 Dec 2003

Nick Wrack, chair of the Socialist Alliance, has issued a statement welcoming the Respect coalition's draft declaration of principles and announcement that it is to contest the European and Greater London Authority elections in June 2004

R for republicanism

11 Dec 2003

Dave Craig urges respect for republicanism

Wanted - an anti-capitalist transitional programme

11 Dec 2003

In the light of the electoral agreement struck between Lutte Ouvrière and the Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire, Emile Fabrol of Gauche Communiste (a revolutionary faction within the Parti Communiste Franà§ais) examines the possibilities for left unity in France following the mass strikes of May-June 2003

Declaration launched

11 Dec 2003

Respect: draft declaration matches the pig of a name

What's in a name?

04 Dec 2003

Mike Macnair takes issue with Dave Craig on republicanism. Dave Craig’s article, ‘Republican slogans and the CPGB’, which shows a remarkable lack of understanding of the arguments CPGB comrades have been putting forward

Grand coalitions

27 Nov 2003

Party notes

Smoke and mirrors

27 Nov 2003

Discussions regarding the proposed ‘unity coalition’ dominated the meeting of the Socialist Alliance executive committee, held in London on November 22.

Republican slogans and the CPGB

20 Nov 2003

Socialist Alliance: I claimed in a previous article that the CPGB was ducking the question of republican slogans in its intervention in the Socialist Alliance

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