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Divisive dead-end

10 Feb 2011

Should the left 'defend multiculturalism'? James Turley looks at the reactions to David Cameron's weekend speech

Multiculturalism: facing both ways

14 Dec 2006

Tony Blair's December 8 speech on multiculturalism shows that his government has no coherent programme to deal with the fact that the majority of British muslims oppose his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and are in general deeply alienated. Jim Moody reports

New Tebbit test

07 Sep 2006

Mary Godwin reports on the crisis of multiculturalism - and why communists should have never supported it

Trouble on the beach

26 Jan 2006

A month after race riots in Sydney, Marcus Ström points to a crisis in official multiculturalism in Australia

Working class unity - not multiculturalism

27 Oct 2005

The rioting that broke out in the Lozells area of Birmingham over the weekend of October 22-23 offers a disturbing insight into the fragmented nature of many working class communities in this country - and the pathetically inadequate response of the left. Eddie Ford reports

Fighting for assimilation

15 Apr 2004

Are anti-racists automatically also multiculturalists? Eddie Ford thinks not

New cricket test

27 May 1999

Prejudice or racism

08 Jan 1998

Government ministers Banks and Blunkett - all part of the pretence?

Fight oppression not ‘prejudice’

20 Nov 1997

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