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Party of lost causes

12 May 2016

Eddie Ford looks at the prospects for Ukip

Slurs, lies, innuendos

28 Apr 2016

Defend Malia Bouattia and Naz Shah, urges Tony Greenstein

Smear tactics and our response

14 Apr 2016

To combat the lies, we need our own independent working class media, argues Mike Macnair

Disaster waiting to happen

24 Mar 2016

Eddie Ford finds the EU-Turkey deal on migrants both inhuman and unworkable

Not letting on

17 Mar 2016

Peter Manson asks why the CPB fails to inform us as to its real attitude to immigration controls

Due process and justice

17 Mar 2016

In the interests of political debate and clarification we publish Gerry Downing’s appeal against his expulsion

What will be will be

10 Mar 2016

Michel Houellebecq, Submission, (Translated from the French by Lorin Stein) William Heinemann, 2015, pp256, £18.99

Court protects Labour corruption

30 Apr 2015

After Lutfur Rahman’s removal as Tower Hamlets mayor, Paul Demarty calls for authentic local democracy

Wrong kind of radicalisation

26 Feb 2015

How to explain the ‘teenage brides for IS’? Mike Macnair examines the phenomenon of hope in a disastrous illusion against the background of the left’s failure

Confusion abounds

15 Jan 2015

How has the left reacted to the Paris slaughter? Peter Manson has been taking a look

United front of the bourgeoisie

15 Jan 2015

Government leaders who gathered in Paris to express ‘solidarity’ with Charlie Hebdo are no friends of free speech, says Eddie Ford

Qui est Charlie?

15 Jan 2015

Paul Demarty asks, who exactly is Charlie?

The meaning of Jewish identity

08 Jan 2015

Shlomo Sand How I stopped being a Jew Verso, 2014, pp102, £9.99

Oppression and opportunism

18 Jul 2013

Peter Manson looks at questions of race, sex and nation raised by SWP speakers at Marxism

Ukip fostering row: Who’s fit to be a parent?

29 Nov 2012

If members of ‘mainstream’ parties should not be barred from fostering, asks Eddie Ford, what about us ‘extremists’?