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Divisive dead-end

10 Feb 2011

Should the left 'defend multiculturalism'? James Turley looks at the reactions to David Cameron's weekend speech

From Powell to Brexit

28 Jul 2016

Alex Carnovic interviews Evan Smith about his forthcoming book 'British communism and the politics of race'

Legacy of Bush and Blair

21 Jul 2016

Yassamine Mather comments on the Nice massacre

An old rhythm

14 Jul 2016

With the huge rise in xenophobic attacks and the role of motherhood in the Conservative leadership race, Commissaress argues that the past has come back with a vengeance

A marred report

07 Jul 2016

Chakrabarti relies on the subjective, writes Tony Greenstein. She also fails to understand how ‘anti-Semitism’ was weaponised by the Labour right

Abuse of a corpse

23 Jun 2016

We should not be blind to the corruption at the heart of bourgeois politics, argues Paul Demarty

Politics of derangement

23 Jun 2016

Obviously the killing of Jo Cox was an act of political terrorism? Eddie Ford looks at the politics

Blundering ineptitude

16 Jun 2016

There are furious objections to the Morning Star giving Ken Livingstone a regular column. Peter Manson reports

My encounter with the thought police

09 Jun 2016

Tony Greenstein is still in one piece following his grilling by a Labour Party witch-hunt apparatchik

Life in the bubble

26 May 2016

Paul Demarty argues that the growing culture of brittle denunciations only hurts the left

Recipe for disaster

12 May 2016

Labour’s election results have given Corbyn only a temporary reprieve, predicts Tony Greenstein

Party of lost causes

12 May 2016

Eddie Ford looks at the prospects for Ukip

Slurs, lies, innuendos

28 Apr 2016

Defend Malia Bouattia and Naz Shah, urges Tony Greenstein

Smear tactics and our response

14 Apr 2016

To combat the lies, we need our own independent working class media, argues Mike Macnair

Disaster waiting to happen

24 Mar 2016

Eddie Ford finds the EU-Turkey deal on migrants both inhuman and unworkable

Not letting on

17 Mar 2016

Peter Manson asks why the CPB fails to inform us as to its real attitude to immigration controls

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