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Günter Grass and the German neurosis

Space, the final frontier?

08 Mar 2007

Going to the moon and space travel and are back in the news, writes Jack Conrad. But the left would be daft to fall for the sci-fi hype

An unsubstantiated sloppy mish-mash

22 Feb 2007

David Douglass reviews Ian Hernon's Riot (Pluto Press, 2006, pp320, £19.99)

Behind the red flag

02 Nov 2006

Lawrence Parker takes a closer look at the artist Ken Loach

Keeping silent over 'offensive' film

03 Aug 2006

Huw Bynon reports on the protests surrounding the film version of Monica Ali's novel Brick Lane - and wonders why Respect and the Socialist Workers Party will not comment

Identity and class

27 Jul 2006

After watching the repeat of the BBC series, Lefties, Gordon Downie discusses how the capitalist media misrepresents radical movements of the left

Wind that shakes the establishment

29 Jun 2006

Anne Mc Shane reviews Ken Loach's The wind that shakes the barley

Nation in a state

29 Jun 2006

World cup: does England's footballing performance reflect the national condition? Lawrence Parker investigates

Bum-numbing conspiracy

01 Jun 2006

Jeremy Butler reviews The da Vinci code

Who's stereotyping

18 May 2006

Jeremy Butler reviews Russell T Davies' Doctor Who (BBC1)

Winners need not apply

04 May 2006

The fans' alienation is reflected in the call for the new English coach, says Lawrence Parker

Music for change?

27 Apr 2006

Gordon Downie reviews the Reith Lectures 2006, BBC Radio 4, Friday 9am, April 7 - May 5

Primitive painters: the left and art

27 Apr 2006

The left needs to win artists, cultural producers and critics to its cause, says Lawrence Parker

Powerful symbol

06 Apr 2006

Liam O Ruairc reviews Denis O Hearn's book Bobby Sands: Nothing but an unfinished song, Pluto Press, 2006, £12.99, pp448

Ticked off and many headed

06 Apr 2006

Eddie Ford reviews The insurgency, BBC2 April 2 Sunday 9-10pm

Sun, sodomy and the lash

30 Mar 2006

Nick Cave (writer), John Hillcoat (director) The proposition various venues

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