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Günter Grass and the German neurosis

19 Apr 2012

Maciej Zurowski looks at a literary scandal and the bourgeoisie's attempt to cope with its past

Inspired flashes, mainstream values

09 Aug 2007

Jeremy Butler reviews Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

Quixotic windmills

02 Aug 2007

Is the detailed notation of musical composition more democratic than free improvisation? Composer Wieland Hoban responds to Gordon Downie's article, 'Art and commodification'

Art and commodification

26 Jul 2007

The working class must have access to the most advanced and sophisticated means of cultural production, argues composer Gordon Downie

From mighty messiahs to mere mortals

21 Jun 2007

Superheroes like Batman and Spiderman mean lucrative movies and reviews in The Times and The Guardian. Yet the very first superhero, Superman, was invented by two working class teenagers during the depression. Mike Belbin looks at the development of the genre and what it may tell us about its makers and audiences

Politics and lure of fame

07 Jun 2007

George Binette finds Julian Temple's film about The Clash frontman Joe Strummer engrossing, but occasionally cringe-inducing

Less than charitable

17 May 2007

The Independent ran an intriguing story on May 12 centred on the expulsion of Mike Squires from membership of the Marx Memorial Library. Unfortunately, the paper dropped a clanger by stating that the Communist Party of Great Britain was at the centre of an attempted 'takeover' of the library. Lawrence Parker reports

Out of the closet?

03 May 2007

Lawrence Parker reviews Florian Henckel's The lives of others (Das Leben der Anderen)

Propaganda and ideology

26 Apr 2007

The most remarkable thing about the sword and sandals epic 300 is that there have been no pickets organised outside the local Odeon and no fatwahs issued against director Zack Snyder and executive producer Frank Miller, says Jeremy Butler

Ken Loach's use of Irish history

19 Apr 2007

US communist Jim Creegan revisits the controversy over a film that has at last reached New York

Space, the final frontier?

08 Mar 2007

Going to the moon and space travel and are back in the news, writes Jack Conrad. But the left would be daft to fall for the sci-fi hype

An unsubstantiated sloppy mish-mash

22 Feb 2007

David Douglass reviews Ian Hernon's Riot (Pluto Press, 2006, pp320, £19.99)

Behind the red flag

02 Nov 2006

Lawrence Parker takes a closer look at the artist Ken Loach

Keeping silent over 'offensive' film

03 Aug 2006

Huw Bynon reports on the protests surrounding the film version of Monica Ali's novel Brick Lane - and wonders why Respect and the Socialist Workers Party will not comment

Identity and class

27 Jul 2006

After watching the repeat of the BBC series, Lefties, Gordon Downie discusses how the capitalist media misrepresents radical movements of the left

Wind that shakes the establishment

29 Jun 2006

Anne Mc Shane reviews Ken Loach's The wind that shakes the barley

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