Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

A brief history of lying

01 May 2003

If Galloway proves to be innocent, he will join a large club of those who have been maligned by the intelligence services and the press for political reasons. A few examples:

Gloves come off

01 May 2003

By coming after George Galloway, the bourgeois media is trying to tarnish the whole anti-war movement, says Manny Neira

Slogan wars

01 May 2003

Jack Conrad discusses the problems of the left when it comes to opposition to an attack on Iraq

Armchair generals, or Saddam's leftwing allies

13 Mar 2003

Many on the left entertain an agenda - overt or covert - of defending the Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein. Jack Conrad takes them to task

Distortion, slush and chauvinism

21 Jun 2001

Michael Bray (director) Pearl Harbor 182 minutes, general release

Turkey in crisis

12 Apr 2001

Hands off Iraq

22 Feb 2001

For a working class-led people's revolution against Saddam Hussein

Rabid reaction

30 Nov 2000

Israel's pogrom

19 Oct 2000

All socialists, all defenders of the rights of the oppressed, must stand unconditionally with the Palestinian people of the West Bank and Gaza strip, and their co-nationals in Israel proper, against the murderous ethnic terror of the Israeli state. Socialists should demand, as a starting point, the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from the occupied territories, and the disarming and repatriation of the gangs of armed Jewish settlers that have encamped in these territories, whose very presence constitutes a violation of Palestinian sovereignty.

Heart of darkness

21 Sep 2000

Mehdi Kia of the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran discusses the crisis dividing the theocratic regime in Teheran and the significance of the recent 'reformist' election victories

Nader builds third force

14 Sep 2000

Green-blue challenge to big two

Banal identity reasoning

16 Dec 1999

Phil Watson reviews 'John Coltrane and the jazz revolution of the 1960s' by Frank Kofsky

Overturn Pinochet constitution

10 Dec 1998

Leaving Straw to extradite the dictator is not enough

US adopts wild west diplomacy

03 Dec 1998

The end of the Cold War leaves the remaining superpower free to call the tune

Jail Pinochet

03 Dec 1998

Straw agonises - workers must act

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