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Our duty to Iran's working class

15 Mar 2012

Speaking at a CPGB meeting in Manchester in support of Hands Off the People of Iran, Yassamine Mather makes the call for urgent and principled solidarity

Looking back over the ruins

15 Jul 2021

The final withdrawal of American troops must be put in the context of the April 1978 revolution and the subsequent reaction. The USA and Saudi Arabia armed, financed and promoted a counterrevolution, which included Osama bin Laden and al Qa’eda and ended in the triumph of the Taliban. This is an edited version of an article written by Jack Conrad and first published in June 2003. Its main target is Sean Matgamna, patriarch of the social-imperialist Alliance for Workers’ Liberty. Nowadays, the AWL describes the Taliban as “Islamo-fascist”; back then, though, they were “our kind of people”

Another forced scuttle

15 Jul 2021

There have been lies and lies and yet more lies. Daniel Lazare savages what has been a comprehensive failure, from the ‘light footprint’ military model to the final humiliating pull-out

Carrying the can

08 Jul 2021

The liberal establishment wants us to believe that the ‘war on terror’ was all Donald Rumsfeld’s fault. Daniel Lazare begs to disagree

Desperately clinging on

01 Jul 2021

The Putin-Biden summit illustrates one thing above all: US hypocrisy. Daniel Lazare looks at election interference and the debacle in Afghanistan

Death of an activist

24 Jun 2021

The campaign to outlaw the Kurdish opposition involves all sorts of dirty tricks. Esen Uslu looks behind the most recent killing

Reality of ethnic cleansing

13 May 2021

Tony Greenstein argues that despite its military might the Zionist state is losing the propaganda war

Stench of Zionist colonisation

13 May 2021

What is going on in Jerusalem? Why the provocations? Moshé Machover looks behind the latest flare-up of violence

Ghost dancers of loyalism

15 Apr 2021

Riots in the Six Counties confirm once again that the Good Friday agreement settled nothing, writes Derek James

Pax Americana Britannica

25 Mar 2021

The defence review shows that ‘global’ Britain is totally subservient to the US, writes Eddie Ford

Star Wars posturing

26 Nov 2020

Boris Johnson’s plan to squander billions on the armed forces in order to extend Britain’s ‘global influence’ is fully supported by Starmer’s Labour Party, notes Eddie Ford

Their fables and ours

15 May 2020

World War II is a breeding ground for comforting myths, argues Paul Demarty - for both the bourgeoisie and the left

Where is the strategy?

07 May 2020

Support for a ‘global ceasefire’ is acceptable, argues Paul Demarty, but not if it obscures the causes of war

The war is set to continue

06 Mar 2020

Trump’s agreement with the Taliban shows that the United States has comprehensively failed in achieving its stated objectives, argues Yassamine Mather.

War of the drones

31 Oct 2019

Technology is fast changing the military-political landscape, writes Ted Crawford.

Looking for new answers

10 Oct 2019

Lorna Anderson completes her report of a recent visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

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