Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

Victim of the global hegemon

12 Sep 2019

Following Trump’s cancellation of talks, Yassamine Mather looks back at the disaster that is Afghanistan.

Main enemy is at home ... and abroad

05 Sep 2019

Erdoğan’s attempts to crush the Kurds face constant frustration, reports Esen Uslu.

Looking for foreign success

05 Sep 2019

Yassamine Mather asks what effect the presidential campaign will have on US relations with the Islamic Republic.

We need a game plan

16 Aug 2019

Protest politics always reach their limits and eventually fizzle out, argues Paul Demarty.

Poised to invade Rojava

08 Aug 2019

Esen Uslu examines Erdoğan’s plans for establishing protectorates in Kurdish areas in Syria and Iraq.

Island illusions

08 Aug 2019

The political crisis in Hong Kong needs to be seen in the context of global politics, argues Paul Demarty.

Profits on the fall

02 Aug 2019

The US officially admits its figures for the last three years were wrong. Michael Roberts comments on the revisions.

From golden age to age of austerity

02 Aug 2019

Trump’s trade war with China and Brexit poses major challenges to globalised capital, argues Yassamine Mather. This article is based on a recent talk given to Cambridge University Persian Society.

Another day, another tirade

25 Jul 2019

Democrat establishment joins Trump in attacking the ‘squad’ as a ‘bunch of communists’, reports Peter Moody

Tanker wars and propaganda

25 Jul 2019

The war of words between America and Iran is becoming more and more dangerous, warns Yassamine Mather

Fifty years on

25 Jul 2019

A new space race has begun. Rival powers aim to get to the moon and then perhaps go all the way to Mars. Jack Conrad says this is all about national prestige, not adding to humanity’s body of scientific knowledge

A vizier or a jester?

18 Jul 2019

As Erdoğan plays the US off against Russia, Esen Uslu asks if his optimism is misplaced

Turkey’s arms industry is on a war footing - High-risk foreign adventures

12 Jul 2019

Erdoğan has been engaging in lavish military spending despite the poor state of the economy, reports Esen Uslu

Corbyn, Tehran and fake news

12 Jul 2019

Yassmine Mather shows that the mainstream media have little or no regard for the truth

G20 and trade war

04 Jul 2019

Osaka saw a truce between the US and China. But the trade war will break out again. This is a struggle for global supremacy and, reckons Michael Roberts, the odds are that China will win

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