Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

A toxic operation

24 Mar 2022

Paul Houston shines a light on the murky origins of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

SUPPLEMENT: Imperialism and the state (Part I)

17 Mar 2022

Early, not late, capitalism generated imperialism, and capitalism without the state is impossible

First Iran, now Russia

17 Mar 2022

Sanctions, whether ‘targeted’ or not, inevitably affect the mass of ordinary people, argues Yassamine Mather, while those at the top use them to tighten their grip on power

Triumphalism to pessimism

17 Mar 2022

Does the Russia-Ukraine war epitomise a crisis of liberalism brought about by attacks from the populist right and the so-called anti-scientific left? Perhaps so - but not in the way Francis Fukuyama imagines, suggests Paul Demarty

Drawing clear lines on Ukraine

17 Mar 2022

The war is not just about Russia and Ukraine. Muriel Green reports on the CPGB’s March 12 online members’ meeting

Hypocrisy all round

10 Mar 2022

Moshé Machover highlights the selective condemnations of oppression and explains why Israel’s prime minister can pose as the peacemaker

An unsafe technology

10 Mar 2022

Russian shelling near the Zaporizhzhia plant is a stark reminder of the inherently dangerous nature of nuclear power, warns Eddie Ford

Four anti-war nos

10 Mar 2022

Daniel Lazare welcomes the refusal of the DSA’s international committee to go along with the Democrats’ warmongering

Cementing US control

10 Mar 2022

Mike Macnair spoke to Online Communist Forum on the 50th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s historic week-long visit to China

Away with comforting delusions

10 Mar 2022

‘Official communism’ is bitterly divided over the Ukraine war. Paul Demarty traces the battle lines back to their origins

Spineless of the little blob

10 Mar 2022

Its response to the Ukraine war shows the official Labour ‘left’ is sinking ever further into the mire, writes James Harvey

Swift as a weapon

03 Mar 2022

Sanctions imposed on Russia will hurt, but not only are there definite limits, they were long expected, writes Yassamine Mather

America’s drive to the east

03 Mar 2022

A volcano of violence has been unleashed by Putin’s invasion, but Daniel Lazare places the main blame on the United States

Neither 1914 nor 1940

03 Mar 2022

Mike Macnair interrogates the bogus claims made by Paul Mason and Alex Callinicos about imperialism and the Ukraine war

Here we stand

03 Mar 2022

Not only must social-imperialists and social-pacifists be denounced: Jack Conrad calls for absolute clarity, when it comes to war and peace

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