Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

Witch-hunt bang to rights

21 Sep 2023

A damning report concludes that in every fully investigated case, charges of anti-Semitism were found to be baseless. Carla Roberts is not surprised

Investigations drag on and on

21 Sep 2023

We all know who did it … and it was not Russia. Daniel Lazare looks at how the right is gaining traction from telling an evident truth

Expect more hot air

21 Sep 2023

Claims of defying the government’s latest anti-trade union laws and at the same time supporting its war aims in Ukraine are in flat contradiction, writes Eddie Ford

Man’s grim justice

14 Sep 2023

Gaby Rubin travelled to Wolverhampton to show solidarity with Tony Greenstein and four other Palestine Action activists

Marxism still the most compelling

14 Sep 2023

Decline of US dominance, the rise of China and a lot of hype. Michael Roberts reports on a recent conference of left economists

Beyond our repair

14 Sep 2023

Chattel slavery’s damage is done, argues Paul Demarty, so communists should fight for a better future, not redress for past injuries

Old enemies, new friends

07 Sep 2023

Joe Biden’s ‘comprehensive strategic partnership’ with Vietnam is about blocking the rise of China, writes Eddie Ford. It will mean more visits from the Pacific fleet, more trade and new weapons

Notes on the war

07 Sep 2023

Despite Zelensky’s much vaunted offensive making ‘noticeable progress’, Jack Conrad argues that, especially with the mud season fast approaching, we should not expect any big changes on the battlefield

Celebrating a mass murderer

10 Aug 2023

Christopher Nolan (screenplay/director) Oppenheimer Universal Pictures, general release

Defending neutrality

03 Aug 2023

What are so-called socialists doing upholding the foreign policy of their ‘own’ bourgeois state? Anne McShane upholds the principles of international socialism

The truth is elsewhere

03 Aug 2023

David Grusch - a whistleblower on secret government projects to recover and reverse-engineer extraterrestrial spacecraft - has testified before the House Subcommittee on National Security. Paul Demarty investigates the latest alien visitation to Washington

Double standards on show

27 Jul 2023

While the morality police are back on patrol, top figures in the regime are renowned for preaching one thing and doing another, writes Yassamine Mather

Meanwhile the economic war

27 Jul 2023

Ending the Black Sea grain corridor has put Erdoğan’s government under intense diplomatic pressure, writes Esen Uslu

Their fantasy, our nightmare

20 Jul 2023

Ukraine’s offensive is getting nowhere and when a compromise is eventually reached Zelensky will be in deep trouble, argues Daniel Lazare

Sir Keir’s abstention disgrace

13 Jul 2023

Labour’s official left either meekly followed orders or stayed away - there were less than a dozen rebels. David Porter of Labour Party Marxists reports

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