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None of the above

07 Jun 2012

Calling on Egyptians to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood is insane, argues Paul Demarty

Hauled before courts of injustice

29 Apr 2021

Against the background of continuing tensions in Syria and Iraq, Esen Uslu reports on the legal assault on the internal Kurdish opposition

Electioneering without candidates

29 Apr 2021

Yassamine Mather attacks the sham presidential election and the imperialist-financed opposition alike

Moving to far right

22 Apr 2021

Moshé Machover looks at the dynamics and strange deals that might be done following the indecisive general election

Israeli nuclear terrorism

15 Apr 2021

Yassamine Mather looks at the ongoing low-intensity war and the latest attack on Natanz

Not in the room

08 Apr 2021

With the US still not directly involved in the negotiations, Yassamine Mather considers prospects for a revived nuclear deal

Erdoğan tries to cheat unpopularity

25 Mar 2021

Withdrawing from the Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence is part of a desperate attempt to stitch together a winning election bloc. Esen Uslu reports

Protecting death factories

25 Mar 2021

Tony Greenstein reports on his arrest and week-long detention over a planned direct‑action protest against Elbit, a notorious Israeli arms company

Regime change MI6-style

18 Mar 2021

Torab Saleth reviews the online documentary 'Coup 53' which was written, produced and directed by Taghi Amirani

Time is running out

11 Mar 2021

Yassamine Mather weighs up the state of play regarding attempts to revive the nuclear deal

A century of dependency

25 Feb 2021

Foreign intervention did not come to an end with the 1979 revolution. No, as shown by Yassamine Mather, Iran’s Islamic rulers are more than willing to do the bidding of US-controlled international institutions

Trying to reverse the irreversible

25 Feb 2021

‘We’re back!’ cries Biden. But, asks Daniel Lazare, will its allies welcome the US as the undisputed global hegemon once again?

From symbol to failure

11 Feb 2021

On February 8 1971, 50 years ago, the geurrillaist left began its armed struggle by attacking a gendamerie post at Siahkal. Three police were killed and two comrades rescued. Yassamine Mather spoke to Ardeshir Mehrdad. He was a member of the Organisation of Iranian People’s Fadai until 1980 and later became editor of Iran Bulletin

Principle, confusion and hope

11 Feb 2021

Having looked at the birth and early years of the guerrillaist left in her first article Yassamine Mather turns to the internal struggles within the Fedai

Handcuffed gates

11 Feb 2021

Students are resisting the academic cronies imposed on them by the Erdoğan regime. Esen Uslu reports

SUPPLEMENT: Three waves of protest

04 Feb 2021

Feelings of injustice, a lack of rights and a sense of betrayal have become universal and act as psychological and subjective drivers of protest, writes Ardeshir Mehrdad. But how can protest be forged into a movement than can topple the regime?

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