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None of the above

07 Jun 2012

Calling on Egyptians to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood is insane, argues Paul Demarty

Corona days and clipped wings

21 May 2020

Esen Uslu looks at the regime’s failures at home and adventures abroad

Upping the ante

30 Apr 2020

Yassamine Mather reports on the double standards, misinformation and stupidity of the ‘regime change from above’ advocates

Lies, poverty and repression

17 Apr 2020

Yassamine Mather looks at the blame-gaming and likely consequences of Covid-19

Two-way mirror of shame

12 Mar 2020

Erdoğan’s regime is playing with the lives of innocent victims to both its east and west. Esen Uslu describes the shambles.

Decline of secular Zionism

06 Mar 2020

Despite indictments for corruption, Netanyahu has come out on top, writes Tony Greenstein.

Concealing the truth

29 Feb 2020

The clerical regime cannot be relied on to provide accurate information, writes Yassamine Mather - either about Iran’s elections or the coronavirus.

Legacy of failure

23 Feb 2020

Yassamine Mather shows that the passivity of Tudeh in the 1960s and 70s led to the rise of guerrillarist adventurism. Paradoxically, under the pressure of the Iran-Iraq war there was a convergence between the two currents. The Islamic Republic was supposed to be moving towards the ‘socialist’ camp.

181 pages oozing hate

23 Feb 2020

Moshé Machover spoke to the London Communist Forum about Donald Trump’s ‘deal of the century’.

The destruction factor

24 Jan 2020

Judging by recent events in the Middle East, the US has abandoned all attempts to impose order. Now the world has a nihilist hegemon, argues Yassamine Mather.

A new adventure

16 Jan 2020

Esen Uslu discusses Erdoğan’s expansionism in the eastern Mediterranean and its recent intervention into the Libyan civil war.

No to war, no to the regime

16 Jan 2020

Yassamine Mather analyses the continuing US-Iran conflict. This article is based on her talk to the January 12 meeting of Hands Off the People of Iran.

Fight on two fronts

16 Jan 2020

Trump’s reckless drone assassination was a godsend for the reactionary theocratic regime in Tehran

A godsend for the regime

09 Jan 2020

Yassamine Mather assesses the situation in the Middle East following the US assassination of Qassem Soleimani and Iran’s missile revenge gesture

Nice British bobby

12 Dec 2019

Yassamine Mather compares Radio Farda’s reporting of Iran with its touching depiction of Britain.

Regime faces new crisis

23 Nov 2019

Tehran has blocked the internet in a desperate attempt to suppress protests, reports Yassamine Mather.

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