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None of the above

07 Jun 2012

Calling on Egyptians to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood is insane, argues Paul Demarty

A new adventure

16 Jan 2020

Esen Uslu discusses Erdoğan’s expansionism in the eastern Mediterranean and its recent intervention into the Libyan civil war.

No to war, no to the regime

16 Jan 2020

Yassamine Mather analyses the continuing US-Iran conflict. This article is based on her talk to the January 12 meeting of Hands Off the People of Iran.

Fight on two fronts

16 Jan 2020

Trump’s reckless drone assassination was a godsend for the reactionary theocratic regime in Tehran

A godsend for the regime

09 Jan 2020

Yassamine Mather assesses the situation in the Middle East following the US assassination of Qassem Soleimani and Iran’s missile revenge gesture

Nice British bobby

12 Dec 2019

Yassamine Mather compares Radio Farda’s reporting of Iran with its touching depiction of Britain.

Regime faces new crisis

23 Nov 2019

Tehran has blocked the internet in a desperate attempt to suppress protests, reports Yassamine Mather.

Two impossibilities

22 Nov 2019

Neither a one-state solution nor a two-state solution is feasible, argues Moshé Machover. This article is based on his talk at Communist University.

Bloodstained sliver of sand

15 Nov 2019

Everyone can see that Erdoğan’s military adventure has added to the chaos in Syria. But should the left in Turkey tail the Kurdish movement? Esen Uslu gives his opinion.

Met with maximum force

15 Nov 2019

Yassamine Mather discusses the popular revolts against corruption, sectarianism and Iranian influence.

Wider transformation

15 Nov 2019

What is the way ahead for the resistance? Lorna Anderson concludes her report-back on a recent visit to Palestine.

Given up on liberation

10 Nov 2019

Many militants are coming round to the view that, as well as the enemy being the Israeli occupation forces, there is an enemy within too. Lorna Anderson reports.

Second Arab spring?

09 Nov 2019

As demonstrators once again take to the streets, Yassamine Mather looks at the issues involved.

Good man fallen among imperialists?

17 Oct 2019

Chris Gray recalls the contradictory elements in the politics pursued by Lawrence of Arabia.

Erdoğan gets green light

10 Oct 2019

Despite Trump’s objections, writes Esen Uslu, Turkey has been set strict limits on its intervention in Syria.

West’s blood-splattered ally

03 Oct 2019

Despite millions of dollars spent and support from the US, Riyadh is hardly getting things all its own way, writes Yassamine Mather.

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