Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

‘Peace’ train back on track

15 Jan 1998

Blair hopes that a ‘council of the isles’ will secure a new imperialist stability

Smug complacency

08 Jan 1998

Alan Fox reviews ‘Onward Christian soldiers?’ by Clyde Wilcox

‘Peace process’ thrown into crisis

08 Jan 1998

The killings in Ireland over the Christmas period threw the establishment into turmoil. But does that mean the whole ‘peace process’ will collapse?

Edging towards an imperialist peace

24 Jul 1997

Save Mumia Abu-Jamal

29 Jun 1995

Abolish the death penalty

Chechen bloodbath goes on

02 Feb 1995

Pictures of war in Chechnya expose Yeltsin's democratic credentials

Memorial march

02 Feb 1995

Unionist fury threatens Major

02 Feb 1995

A negotiated settlement will have to keep Unionists on board, and will leave British imperialism intact

Private Clegg - State terrorist assassin

02 Feb 1995

America on trial

26 Jan 1995

Russian leftists desert Chechens

26 Jan 1995

The Chechen war needs revolutionary answers not hand-wringing liberalism

Irish struggle demands new direction

26 Jan 1995

As partisans of the Irish cause gather to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the Bloody Sunday massacre, when 14 unarmed Irish civilians were murdered by British troops, the ‘peace process’ steamrollers on. Revolutionaries in the Six Counties need to consider how they will react to the new situation

Cuba - revolution in danger

19 Jan 1995

Steve Kay has just returned from Cuba. Here he gives his first impressions of a now isolated revolution in danger

Moscow turmoil as Chechens resist

19 Jan 1995

The American nightmare

12 Jan 1995

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