Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

Forty years of inequality

14 Feb 2019

The US administration preferred Islamists to leftists, says Yassamine Mather

Zionism’s inherent contradictions

08 Feb 2019

Review of 'Judas' by Amos Oz (Vintage, 2017, pp274, £8.99)

Pots and kettles

31 Jan 2019

Yassamine Mather asks who is really responsible for incompetence and corruption

Danger of foreign adventures increases

24 Jan 2019

Donald Trump’s wall that will never be built and the government shutdown are really about the 2020 presidential elections, writes Eddie Ford

Siding with Labour right

24 Jan 2019

There is a rogue’s gallery of left sects, says Tony Greenstein, but the AWL must surely be the worst

US and Israel yearning to unleash mayhem

17 Jan 2019

Yassamine Mather examines what lies behind Israeli air strikes against Iranian targets in Syria

State department humanitarianism

10 Jan 2019

No-one should fall for US support for ‘human rights’ in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The ground for intervention is being prepared, warns Yassamine Mather

Trump’s game of chicken

10 Jan 2019

The president’s showdown with Congress has a ruthless logic, argues Paul Demarty

Like father, like son

20 Dec 2018

Reza Pahlavi’s idiotic comments show that there should be no nostalgia for the shah’s regime, writes Yassamine Mather

Illusions in ‘human rights’

13 Dec 2018

Some are still taken in, writes Yassamine Mather, despite US double standards

Resistance grows in Iran

29 Nov 2018

Both Trump’s threats and the regime’s neoliberal policies are being forcefully opposed by the working class, reports Yassamine Mather

IHRA and free speech

29 Nov 2018

Both Zionists and the British far right want to make criticism of Israel unacceptable, reports Tony Greenstein

Quantum computing has arrived

22 Nov 2018

Yassamine Mather explains why the next generation of computers offers both huge opportunities and huge dangers

Sophistry in the service of Zionism

22 Nov 2018

Brian Klug, the Oxford academic, cannot see the wood for the trees, writes Tony Greenstein

Israel and Saudi Arabia in cahoots

15 Nov 2018

Saudi plans for regional domination are not meeting with much success, writes Yassamine Mather

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