Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

Genocide by starvation

23 May 2024

Israel’s war cabinet is split over plans for Gaza: military occupation or an international civil administration? Meanwhile, Eddie Ford condemns the ICC for drawing a moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel

They are all Palestinians

23 May 2024

We should invest our hopes in national uprisings, not working class unity and socialism. Tony Greenstein replies to Moshé Machover

Unholy trinity continues to push

23 May 2024

Thanks to the US, Nato and the EU, the Ukraine fallout is spreading, writes Daniel Lazare - not least in Georgia and Slovakia

Toxic red-brown rhetoric

16 May 2024

Mass migration is causing political instability across the whole world. Far-right support grows in leaps and bounds and the tailist left eagerly follows. But, asks Daniel Lazare, why are huge numbers of people moving in the first place?

Israel’s nightmare

16 May 2024

Rewritten lyrics, canned applause and media spin could not hide the almost universal revulsion against the pending genocide in Gaza. Paul Demarty looks at the politics behind the songs

Continuing the war of lies

16 May 2024

Truth is notoriously the first casualty of war. But the onslaught on Gaza requires Israel and its supporters in the main parties, the trade unions and the capitalist media to balance contradictory narratives. We need our own mass media, says Mike Macnair

Encamping against genocide

16 May 2024

Yassamine Mather reports from the city of dreaming spires and student protest

Raising no questions

02 May 2024

Mike Belbin reviews Alex Garland (writer and director) Civil war general release

One-state, two-state illusions

02 May 2024

Winning the Hebrew working class in Israel is vital; so is wider regional change. Towards that end we need a minimum programme of demands, insists Moshé Machover

Distracting from genocide

02 May 2024

In the midst of Israel’s war on Gaza the ‘official communist’ CPB has launched a series of seminars on anti-Semitism. The problem is that the narrative comes directly from Zionist sources. Tony Greenstein investigates

Openly Jewish opposition

02 May 2024

Around the world people are demonstrating against Israel’s war on Gaza. At the same time, Zionist provocateurs and the rightwing media step up their campaign to brand the whole solidarity movement anti-Semitic and give the state the excuse it needs to clamp down. Ian Spencer reports

My Zionist general secretary

25 Apr 2024

Sharon Graham attacks Unite’s own staff and declares her support for Nato and western imperialism, writes Tony Greenstein. So when are the SWP, SPEW and Counterfire going to stop supporting her?

In the end of times

25 Apr 2024

Militarily Israel and Iran are in different leagues. However, says Yassamine Mather, when it comes to popular opinion in the Middle East, Israel is completely isolated - apart, that is, from the ruling circles doing the bidding of the United States

Columbia, Michigan, Yale

25 Apr 2024

Daniel Lazare reports on the explosion of pro-Palestine campus protests sweeping America and how the authorities are once again resorting to the anti-Semitism big lie

Congress does its imperial duty

18 Apr 2024

Biden’s military aid package looks like passing at long last. However, America’s political system is one of almost permanent gridlock, says Daniel Lazare

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