Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

Sentiments have steadily shifted

22 Feb 2024

There is a massive gulf over Gaza between the servile political class and the majority of the British population, writes Eddie Ford

Notes on the war

22 Feb 2024

After two years of battlefield carnage there is stalemate. Jack Conrad calls for the left to break from social-pacifism and centrism

Through the looking glass

22 Feb 2024

Scott Evans spotlights Sir Keir’s desperate balancing act between a pro-Palestine electorate, wobbly MPs and the shifting messages coming from the White House … and the surreal goings on in the Commons

World without colonisation

15 Feb 2024

Chris Gray reviews Robbie McVeigh and Bill Rolston Ireland, colonialism and the unfinished revolution Chicago 2023, pp480, £19.99

Thou shalt not criticise Israel

15 Feb 2024

Socialists in Rochdale should vote for George Galloway on February 29. Not that we should suspend our criticisms, argues Carla Roberts

Tucker in Putinland

15 Feb 2024

A two-hour long interview with Vladimir Putin told us little new about anything, but stands in intriguing contrast to the routine media spin, argues Paul Demarty

Unqualified free speech

15 Feb 2024

David Miller’s tribunal case is a personal victory that ought to be celebrated. But, argues Mike Macnair, what is needed is a political victory to advance our rights

Risks and horrors of AUKUS

08 Feb 2024

Labor’s ‘left’ faction around Anthony Albanese and Penny Wong has openly and unashamedly embraced the alliance with US imperialism, now it is in government, says Martin Greenfield

Why is there a drug war?

08 Feb 2024

Mass incarceration and police brutality are no answer to either the gangs or drug-related health issues, argues Daniel Lazare

Sound and fury of battle

08 Feb 2024

Once pan-Arab socialism counted as a real force in the world, its most famous leader being Gamal Abdel Nasser. Yassamine Mather looks back at his heady rhetoric and ultimate failure

A culture of apology

08 Feb 2024

David Miller is worth more than the whole pack of the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs put together. Apologising makes you complicit, but taking a stand brings vindication, writes Eddie Ford

Clear the smoke and mirrors

01 Feb 2024

Zionism relies on anti-Semitism and is itself a form of anti-Semitism. Thomas Suárez discusses the ability of the Israeli state to excuse its crimes and silence critics

Full-spectrum complicity

01 Feb 2024

By ‘suspending’ funding, the west’s diversionary campaign against UNRWA gives the lie to bourgeois cant about ‘genocide prevention’, argues Paul Demarty

Rivals or allies?

25 Jan 2024

It was not in revenge for Kerman. Yassamine Mather explains what really lay behind the recent missile attack on Pakistan

A comedy of errors

25 Jan 2024

Vastly expensive, unsafe and inextricably linked to weapons of mass destruction - Eddie Ford rejects the madness of nuclear power

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